I’m more in a routine now. I know what days I need to go out, everything fitting around the school run. I’ve taken to having baths in the afternoon, sounds silly, but I can relax in there instead of treating myself to food. Baths when no one is around is heaven.

I’ve bought some tins of fruit so I’ve always got something in to eat. I did make the mistake this week and ordered my fruit in syrup. I will rinse first then I can eat them. I was planning on a glass of fruit juice in the morning, but in finding it hard to fit it in at the moment. My morning routine needs jiggling around.

As I don’t need to go shopping I have decided to stay in and not go to a coffee shop, nor if I do need to shop, not to visit every time I shop.

Weight loss again this week but again a small weight loss 0.1kg. I am happy its going down.