This is a review of candles and reed diffusers from Flame Homewares.

My surprise package from the Gift acompany

I spotted a chance to review items from the The Gift Company. I choose to receive a surprise package containing candles and reed diffusers, of a variety of scents. I received two candles (cappuccino & lemon lavender) and two reed diffusers (raspberry sundae & Amber Honeycomb).

First up reed diffusers. The reeds are made from cotton and are really sturdy, the reeds soak up the oil really easily. Both fragrances with all the reeds in the oil should last about three months.

I started with the Amber Honeycomb. I put all 10 reeds into the oil, waited a little while inverted them as per instructions. Then spent the next two days sneezing. Once I have removed five of the reeds, my sneezing stopped, the fragrance was still there and not too overpowering or too weak. I kept these in my lounger for about two weeks before I swapped to Raspberry Sundae, I remembered to only put five in from the off. I real gentle fragrance not overpowering, but can sometimes make you feel hungry as the nice fruity smell drifts to your nose. I’m keeping the Raspberry Sundae in until it finishes, then going back to the Amber Honeycomb. I would buy both these again, remembering to use less reeds.

Candles – both candles came with lids. The burn time is about 40-45 hours.

It was hard choosing which to try first, so a blind pick meant it was lemon lavender. Was too sure of what to expect, but smells really nice. You get the zesty lemon with the lingering lavender smell. I like been able to put the lid on once finished (and cooled) so you can burn other candles without the last one lingering or dust getting in the candle. Next was the cappuccino truffle, I felt I was a delicate fragrance but so lovely. The hint of coffee was just right followed by a sweet after smell perfect. Again with a lid to keep it clean. I would buy these again when I see them in the shop.

I was sent four items free of charge to review, I have not been paid anything extra. All the opinions and words are my own.