With autumn now here, the weather has changed. The wind is blowing, raining at random times. Yesterday whilst on the school run, both in the morning and afternoon I got soaked. Luckily both girls were in school and stayed dry. Unfortunaly putting on a really wet coat back on isn’t pleasant, it had dried out by this morning, only to get wet again. Over the last few years this time of year is always the same. We call it locally Hull fair weather, when the fair is in town the weather changes, it will be alright next week.

Hull fair prizes

Talking about Hull fair, we did our annual pilrimage to the fair. The girls look going on the rides and now Bob is getting older she is going on the rides with her big sister. We love “bash the frog” but so far never won, but so much fun watching as frogs go flying. Also “Hook a duck” is a favourite of ours and with a prize everytime you can’t go wrong. Squidge thought if she went for a big duck you get a big prize. Sorry, look underneath to find the prize size, both got small prizes and Bob was quick at choosing a snake, Squidge was looking at the big prizes – no small – she nearly lost her prize taking too long, she ended up with a snake.

Onto the rides. Teacups first, and both loved getting dizzy. Although Squidge didn’t look like she was enjoying herself, OH thought she was going to be sick. No she just looks like this to try and make herself more dizzy. We also went on the mini “merry-go-round” with buses and cars, they choose the bus as it reminded them of their holidays in London. squidge and OH always go on the Dodgems. If I’d have known that the paper had vouchers for the fair we would have been able to afford another ride, but my Mother-in-Law didn’t think about the vouchers in her paper and the fact we were going to the fair. As always we love fair snack food. I’ve never eaten anything hot from the fair but always get doughnuts and the whips. Not forgetting the brandy snap (mmmmm). Its a nice treat to have these and as the fair is only once a year, we can have fun.

This week saw me change my Twitter info, instead of JellyBabyMom2@JellyBabyMom2 I’m now Vicky@JellyBabyMom2. I feel now is the time that I can say who I am. I wanted to hide and not be seen, but whilst writing this blog and taking part in twitter chats. I want to be seen, I don’t need to hide. Your still not getting a picture of me until I find one that I’m happy with.