Another week a just a little weight gain. Too much fair food. My mum came home from her travels (Lake district) and brought some Grasmere Gingerbread with her, normally we share it between myself and the OH but he has a dental infection so only eating soft food – more gingerbread for me. I am surprised at how little I have really put on considering how much I’ve eaten. We went to a party at the weekend and I had lots of buffet food (diet out the window) I wasn’t drinking so that may have helped one coke and one J2O as I was fed up. I was unable to dance as my foot was hurting and my shoes were all wrong.

I’m eating sensible lunches at the moment and soon I will be having homemade soup (need room in the freezer first). As we don’t have much money its a good excuse to eat food up. There is a lot of veggie food which I’m padding out with more veggies.

So weight gain this week is 0.2kg

Goals eat more veggies and try a walking around the shops more, if I shop I only need to buy one item.