November 2016



This has been a strange period for me. I’m normally happy with how things have been going. Everything slowly ticking by. The girls go to school and do my little things, shopping, cleaning, blogging, entering comps and generally getting on with things. Unfortunately everything changed when my Other Half informed me he had left his job. Due to the circumstances of what happen at work he has refused to work his notice, they have excepted that. By just a few weeks before Christmas when we are already short on money, we have none. I not really sure he is looking for a job apart from one that looks difficult to get in and wouldn’t start till at least April.

Somehow I have to pretend to the girls everything is OK. It’s not, I don’t even know where to begin what to do, or even how to get away from it all. My children have always come first, I try really hard to make and keep them happy. It seems my OH has always been him first and we are some after thought, I don’t mind been the last thing he thinks of, but the girls no. Unfortunately due to the current situation I can’t work. I haven’t worked in nearly five years, getting a job that fits solely around school hours is hard, and getting  13 weeks off a year. Schools locally are not taking on staff. I have no idea who CNN give me a reference anymore. So I will enter comps, do surveys and blog. Hopefully I can win something to help us see us till the new year.



Finding Dory, A Book of the Film – Review

Funding Dory a book of the film

As of yet our family haven’t seen the film (I always wait until its at the kids club). We have seen, many times, Finding Nemo which is a big hit in our house. So it was a great pleasure to be given a chance to read this book.

I let Squidge open the package and she jumped up and down with excitement (mind you she gets excited by most books, she’s a bookworm), and proceeded to read the book straight away.

Its nice that for people who have seen Finding Nemo, and starts before Nemo was lost. We meet Dory’s parents but are not sure how Dory gets lost, but she is looking for them, looking for something when she meets Marlin and starts on the journey looking for Nemo. The story skips to when the three of them are back home and life is moving along nicely. One day Dory starts remembering snippets of her past and is a little confused about she can remember. A journey across the ocean to find Dory’s parents began….

Half way through the book there are pages of pictures taken from the film whichs gives a break from reading and also a nice touch to the book. My daughter loves reading it, and has started to read it to her little sister, so they both can enjoy the book. This book you will want to read and read again (I’m hooked on it, I’ll be reading whilst the girls are at school).

Photo pages

I was sent this book to read and review as part of Parragon Book Buddies, other than a free book I have not been paid for this review. All the words and thoughts are all mine.

Rainbow Dash


How we ended up with Rainbow Dash in our house this week, I’ll never fully understand. We didn’t have one, we had two. At the weekend we went to OH friends sisters engagement party. They are gay to the room was decorated with rainbows and balloons and paper fans. The room looked really good. But next to the buffet table there were two Rainbow Dash balloons, I didn’t expect that we would be coming home with them. At the very end of the night we asked, and that is how they found a home in our house, followed by two excited girls when they came home from their sleep-over.

Squidge had a try out for the school tag rugby team. I’m surprised that she wanted to try and secondly that she did so well she made the team. There has been a few training sessions and the last one she fell/push over and a small graze that bleed slightly and a long bruise on the top of her leg. She was walking round with her arm held up as if it was broken.

Bob has been doing really well at school and is ready t move up to her first proper book band – books that have words – I’m really happy that she is enjoying school and my fears that she might not have any friends have been unfounded. She has made lots both boys and girls.

The school are having their annual Halloween disco, and in previous years all the school could attend. They split the school up, younger ones first followed by the older ones. This year after saying to Bob that now she had started school she will be able to go to the discos (one excited Bob). Well we have a new headteachers and she has decided that it is too scary for reception children (haha). Bearing in mind some of reception are already five and some of year 1 children will have only turned five in the last few months – is it not scary for them? Well complaints were made and the school have compromised by letting them get dressed up at school. I feel sorry for the children who don’t like Halloween, but now have to be in school.

Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 9 & 10

I’m combining week 9 and 10, half term madness and feeling under the weather put a stop to posting.

Bob was poorly at the beginning of the holidays so everything was put on hold. Then when she did pick up none of us wanted to get up to get anywhere, most days the girls were up after 8am so eating and going places all went to pot. By the time the girls went back to school I was tired, think I had come down with something.

I did manage to loose some more weight, without much effort.

Total lost so far +0.5kg I have seen a turn around and my weight going back down. So hopefully downhill from now on.

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