Funding Dory a book of the film

As of yet our family haven’t seen the film (I always wait until its at the kids club). We have seen, many times, Finding Nemo which is a big hit in our house. So it was a great pleasure to be given a chance to read this book.

I let Squidge open the package and she jumped up and down with excitement (mind you she gets excited by most books, she’s a bookworm), and proceeded to read the book straight away.

Its nice that for people who have seen Finding Nemo, and starts before Nemo was lost. We meet Dory’s parents but are not sure how Dory gets lost, but she is looking for them, looking for something when she meets Marlin and starts on the journey looking for Nemo. The story skips to when the three of them are back home and life is moving along nicely. One day Dory starts remembering snippets of her past and is a little confused about she can remember. A journey across the ocean to find Dory’s parents began….

Half way through the book there are pages of pictures taken from the film whichs gives a break from reading and also a nice touch to the book. My daughter loves reading it, and has started to read it to her little sister, so they both can enjoy the book. This book you will want to read and read again (I’m hooked on it, I’ll be reading whilst the girls are at school).

Photo pages

I was sent this book to read and review as part of Parragon Book Buddies, other than a free book I have not been paid for this review. All the words and thoughts are all mine.