This has been a strange period for me. I’m normally happy with how things have been going. Everything slowly ticking by. The girls go to school and do my little things, shopping, cleaning, blogging, entering comps and generally getting on with things. Unfortunately everything changed when my Other Half informed me he had left his job. Due to the circumstances of what happen at work he has refused to work his notice, they have excepted that. By just a few weeks before Christmas when we are already short on money, we have none. I not really sure he is looking for a job apart from one that looks difficult to get in and wouldn’t start till at least April.

Somehow I have to pretend to the girls everything is OK. It’s not, I don’t even know where to begin what to do, or even how to get away from it all. My children have always come first, I try really hard to make and keep them happy. It seems my OH has always been him first and we are some after thought, I don’t mind been the last thing he thinks of, but the girls no. Unfortunately due to the current situation I can’t work. I haven’t worked in nearly five years, getting a job that fits solely around school hours is hard, and getting  13 weeks off a year. Schools locally are not taking on staff. I have no idea who CNN give me a reference anymore. So I will enter comps, do surveys and blog. Hopefully I can win something to help us see us till the new year.