December 2016

2016 A Year In Review

London 2016

starting with my goals for the year, did I do them?

  1. Eat healthier – more fruit and veg was added, but not much else
  2. Try one new thing each month – tried none!
  3. Cook more from scratch – I did cook a bit more, and added baking
  4. Exercise – went out the window very early in the year, maybe next year
  5. Do more jigsaws – only started doing them in November
  6. Clean the house – having small ones around made that hard, but getting there now
  7. Enter more competitions – on track with that one
  8. More surveys – end of the year got on track with it
  9. Write more on my blog – yes. Didn’t write as much as planned but really put more effort into my blog

I’ve enjoyed this year plenty of ups and downs. Bob started school in September which brought its own challenges which was fun. As Bob is our second child I had a rough idea how to do things (phonics). Plenty of colds and other bugs to contend with. December with sickness bug, bad colds, Squidges birthday and Christmas makes for a varied end to the year.

I hope 2017 will be full of fun, making money and getting freebies. HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.❤


A Cheesy Showstopper -Orchard at Tesco Review

7 cheese selection

Having a show stopping Christmas when you have little ones to entertain is fun and can be exciting. This year Tesco’s Orchard program invited me to try their Christmas ranges of cheese.

Armed with my vouchers to buy cheese, a look around the different cheese selection was needed. You can have cheese with alcohol, cheese with more cheese. But I went with a cheese selection box for £4 and a couple of extra cheese’s to make my voucher up.

The date for the cheese was good, plenty of variety. The individually wrapped cheese was nice, as was the size of each cheese.

To make things easier for me, we only had a few cheeses out at a time. We don’t like cheese overload.


so what cheese did we get

  • Edam
  • Cheddar
  • Stilton
  • Red Leicester
  • Brie
  • Smoked German Cheese in a sausage shape
  • and Wensleydale with Cranberries

I also got Wensleydale and German smoked Cheese Sliced both pre-packaged.


Would I buy cheese from Tesco again – yes and yes to buying the cheese selection boximg_20161207_114621

December Fun


December brings a whole new set of challenges. How to live with no money, Squidges birthday, Christmas and school activities. I managed to get some toys before I know we weren’t getting any income, the rest was from Tesco Clubcard points whilst they were on a three for two offer. Black friday saw me get the only thing I get my mum for Christmas and that was on offer. I spent some of my birthday money on things for me, luxury everday items – Beanies coffee and Adam & Eco wax melts (I’ve blogged about these before Wax Melts – A Review ) and soon to be adding my coffee review, once I’ve sampled them. I won a tea by post subscription for three months which has arrived (blog to follow).

So the first of December mean advent calendars, this year we have seven (there are four of us) we have our usual refillable chocolate ones, two lego ones (free via clubcard points) and a free one that Squidge got from the opening of the new Next store near us. Squidge is sharing that with Bob. Mum bought us an Elf for Elf on the Shelf, with the book explaining what it does (NO high jinxes, just sits on the shelf, moves around at night).

I’m doing deep cleaning of the house ready for Christmas and it keeps me warm so I dont need to put the heating on, thus saving money.

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