December brings a whole new set of challenges. How to live with no money, Squidges birthday, Christmas and school activities. I managed to get some toys before I know we weren’t getting any income, the rest was from Tesco Clubcard points whilst they were on a three for two offer. Black friday saw me get the only thing I get my mum for Christmas and that was on offer. I spent some of my birthday money on things for me, luxury everday items – Beanies coffee and Adam & Eco wax melts (I’ve blogged about these before Wax Melts – A Review ) and soon to be adding my coffee review, once I’ve sampled them. I won a tea by post subscription for three months which has arrived (blog to follow).

So the first of December mean advent calendars, this year we have seven (there are four of us) we have our usual refillable chocolate ones, two lego ones (free via clubcard points) and a free one that Squidge got from the opening of the new Next store near us. Squidge is sharing that with Bob. Mum bought us an Elf for Elf on the Shelf, with the book explaining what it does (NO high jinxes, just sits on the shelf, moves around at night).

I’m doing deep cleaning of the house ready for Christmas and it keeps me warm so I dont need to put the heating on, thus saving money.