London 2016

starting with my goals for the year, did I do them?

  1. Eat healthier – more fruit and veg was added, but not much else
  2. Try one new thing each month – tried none!
  3. Cook more from scratch – I did cook a bit more, and added baking
  4. Exercise – went out the window very early in the year, maybe next year
  5. Do more jigsaws – only started doing them in November
  6. Clean the house – having small ones around made that hard, but getting there now
  7. Enter more competitions – on track with that one
  8. More surveys – end of the year got on track with it
  9. Write more on my blog – yes. Didn’t write as much as planned but really put more effort into my blog

I’ve enjoyed this year plenty of ups and downs. Bob started school in September which brought its own challenges which was fun. As Bob is our second child I had a rough idea how to do things (phonics). Plenty of colds and other bugs to contend with. December with sickness bug, bad colds, Squidges birthday and Christmas makes for a varied end to the year.

I hope 2017 will be full of fun, making money and getting freebies. HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.❤