Inspired Colouring – Christmas

I was sent this book via Blind Date with a Book with Parragon Books Ltd. I liked the idea I had no idea what book was going to be sent when I applied this month. So a colouring book was a nice surprise, I do love colouring and have previously bought colouring books for myself.

I do love how Parragon send the books in beautiful packages, purple, with little touches. In the case of this book some handmade wooden colouring pencils.

The front cover was shiny and made it feel special. The pages themselves are wonderfully delicate with the option to be very careful or be bold. For some reason I used my tropical colours for colouring a Christmas colouring book. Still looked fabulous, which I’m pleased about. I haven’t finished the book, so I’ll put it away for next year.

Colouring in bed

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adult colouring books, especially all the lovely Christmassy pictures.