A teatourist box

I won a competition for a box of tea from Teatourist. This may sound rather silly until you find out its for a monthly subscription box which contains six very different teas, which change every month. I won the launch box for the company Tea Tourist back in November, but with things as they were I did get to drink them, but not review. So here goes.

Tea Tourist searches out six different teas for every month and send them out in letter sized boxes (fits though most letter boxes if postie tries, mine didn’t, but I was in). Every month there will be new teas to try. Each sample bag is resealable with a little card telling you what’s in the tea, how to brew it, how to serve it and if the tea can be rebrewed (great for stingy people). Also each sample will make about three or four standard sizes cups/mugs of tea. As all are loose leaf (or stems and other things) I would recommend a tea strainer or similar items to stop the tea leafs from your mug.

Tea no.1 Orange Blossom (oolong) by Easy Teasy
This is sold as a breakfast/morning tea “best served with morning toast and butter” well I was told and its very nice. The orange peel and orange flavouring comes through really nicely not overpowering. This type can be rebrewed 3 or even 4 times.

Tea no.2 Malawi Peony by Baraka Teas
I was I little confused when I saw this, it just looked like plant leaves, but open to new things into the pot they went. Unfortunately this point the next day I had d&v, first thought was the tea, but no the whole family came down with d&v. The next time no problems. Its recommended that you serve this with chocolate or fruity deserts, very nice.

Tea no.3 Japanse Kukicha by Shibui Tea
Another strange tea for me, this one is made from branches and stems of the plant, I suppose somewhere somebody tried it and must have tastes nice (and was safe to drink). Well its a green tea that’s been roasted, its very nice with not much information – drink as it is! So I did just that.

Japanese Kukicha tea

Tea no.4 Peppermint Tea by Cheshire Tea
A reply nice cool peppermint tea, if you like peppermint this takes it up a notch. The company import this from Washington State USA. With not much to add I’ll move to the next tea.

Tea no.5 Tummy Rub by Tea Box
I had no idea what to expect from this one, and was surprised, in a nice way. It contains peppermint, liquorice, chamomile and fennel. All the different flavours come though to make one extremely moreish tea. I one I would like to be having a little more often.

Tea no.6 Yoga Tea by T-tox Tea
This is a white tea and aimed at when you can drink it in a relaxed state. I love the rose petals which make the dry tea really pretty. But for me personally the ginger and nettle didn’t do it for me. Pleasing to drink but not on my to drink again list.

Having tried all this months teas I know what I would buy again. Tea Tourist costs £14.95 per month and currently they have an offer of 10% off your first box and offer rolling subscriptions which can be paused or stopped at anytime, the boxes will be shipped on or around the 20th of each month.