I wanted to write more often but internet reduction and getting frustrated with the website losing my courser point. I found an alternative way, write on the tablets word document them copy and paste it onto my blog. All I need to do then it add pictures, links and make sure it looks right. So having said that I’m seeing how things go, this is post two, the first was a stupidly long tea review post. But that went really well and so I continue.

Now what has been happening – not much, its far too cold to do anything or go anywhere. The weekend before last we got to see more City of Culture events, the Hull Blade and the Bowhead Whale exhibition at the Maritine museum. They are both staying for a few more weeks so if you are “passing” by Hull, please take a look. Some people will say the Blade isnt art, they are correct, but it is culture. It is what we do, we used to be really big into fishing. So City of Culture is here to stay and with lots to look forward to, I’m looking forward to exciting times learning about our past, present and our future.

This week far too cold. The girls had a pj day on Saturday and played with all their toys. Squidge is still refusing to tidy her bedroom and OH has given her a last chance clean by 3pm on Saturday or toys get binned. She still hasnt made much effort in tidying, she has also stopped doing her homework (or doing it so poorly, might well as not done it). Bob is moving up another book band at school so with still half the year to go she is on the top book band for her class. The school decided in their wisdom that they would be spilt by ages, Bob is in the youngest class, as she is born in April.

This week also sees me finding some random energy surge to get the house organised. I deep cleaned my washing machine, never done it in two years. I always found reasons not to do it. My Mother-in-Law gave us some washer machine cleaner mid last year, i had taken it out of the packaging to read the instructions, but it looked like too much faff. I’m super pleased, it gleams. OK the draw needs more work, but if done every 3-6 months it will be fine. I also half cleaned the oven, if I keep half cleaning it every week (only took a couple of minuets) then it will be squeaky clean one day.

My exercising is going well but post exercise rituals not so well. I want to shower/bath after exercising but the house is cold and don’t want to shower. Next week I increase my time ago to showers will be a must, I don’t want to be sweaty all day. Talking about rituals I wanted to start washing my face before bed, not working yet. I have got all the cleansing oils and masks plus the different creams I need, so it’s motivation to get on and do it.

With the weather getting really cold, I finally got the bird table out and filled it with seeds and nuts. We have had some birds already, but I’m hoping for more. I do enjoy watching the birds in my garden. So hopefully more different birds will come.

I hope you all have a lovely week.