Another week has gone by, but this week sees an increase in my weight. I’m now 75.1kg that’s not too bad. I had Chinese with trimmings and Mother-in-Law feed me large puddings. She cooked two as Bob is fussy with her puds (she will eat jelly) so I feel bad for wasting food when we are there.

I had increased my exercise biking to 14 mins last week, but today struggled so keeping it at 14 mins also this week.

I’m getting fed up with food so I think that didn’t help either. I need filling tasty lunches and not plain boring sandwiches/salads. I also can’t be bothered with long cooking times so the quick fatty foods always win. Crisps this week have been increased so looking at thinking about do I want them and finding alternatives, possibly oat cakes – plain.

My drinks are good, pleanty of tea and coffee with just a dash of milk or in some cases black. I do enjoy the odd glass of wine, but this is an odd glass. Then weeks with no wine at all, so I dont want to give wine (alcohol) a miss.