May 2017

How long does it take to get a routine? 

I’m only asking as it’s two weeks since the Easter holidays, and I still don’t know where I am. Admittedly myself and Bob were ill two weeks before the holidays. And during it OH and Squidge were ill. One after the other we all got the Coughing virus. Bobs’ coughing was waking her up at night so a trip to GP and an inhaler was prescribed. She needed it for about a week, then we weaned her off it and she was fine, still coughing, but sleeping at night. I seemed to come down really badly with it and was short of breath with it. I couldn’t do anything. I do think I was run-down with my sleep disruptive nights. But I planned to eat some healthy food, and that seemed to make me feel better quicker. 

So what did we get upto during the holidays! As it’s the City of Culture in Hull this year, there is loads going on. We’ve seen the LEGO daffodils, the 100 year Oppy Woods “Weeping Window” instalation, strange underwater art inhalation and the newly refurbished Ferens Art Gallery. We also visited the Deep, went on a land train and visited the newly refurbished fruit. A trip out to Doncaster for look around Lakeside outlet, McDonald’s for lunch and Potteric Carr for a walk and cake (all the cake was gone). And doing little else in between. Squidge was meant to tidy her room and it still looks like a bomb has hit it. Bob on the other hand has tidied her room, and when the weather is nicer I’m going to redo her wardrobe. It needs about 7cm cutting off so can be turned round at the bottom of her bed. At the moment I feel as if she might fall in at sky moment getting her clothes out. 

OH had plans to do work, write and essay, tidy the house and look for a new job. He managed just to prepare for Mondays lessons! He didn’t even make me a cup of tea! 

Everybody went back to school or work, and I started the mammoth task of getting the house sorted. Plus making time for me to just be me. Then we had the bank holiday and Squidge attempted to tidy her room again. And this week I got round to finishing it off for her. Along with buying presents for 4 parties Bob has planned this month. Along with all of Bob’s parties Bob herself is now 5, she spent the day at school with her friends and got lots of presents. 


Weight Loss Journey 01/05/2017

A little late this week, put I haven’t been in the mood to write. 

Well first week after the Easter holidays and lots of household activities stopped me from exercising. And along with not really trying to do much health wise I’m very please with my weight. It has remained at 74.9kg. 

This week I’m busy with school plays shopping for Bob’s birthday parties she has got this month, and all the things that didn’t happen last week. Exercising this week is not going to happen. I did try on Tuesday, not not for the rest of the week. 

I am managing to eat my 5 a day which is good, fruit, salad and veggies throughout the day helps. But evening schools plays are making evening meals for me a pain this week. 

All I can say it better luck next week. 

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