July 2017

Subject Verb Object – Book Review

An interesting concept for a book! There are lots of authors in this book of short stories compiled by Dane Cobain.

Let me explain, first an author has found lots of other authors to write short stories. But here’s the twist, each author has to come up with a subject, a verb and an object. Sounds straight forward enough until these heading are mixed up and given to a different author to base their stories around.

To get the review out quickly, I’m reviewing each story one at a time and then just adding to the post (this will be removed when the last story is reviewed).

First up is Cornwall by James Torrance. For some reason I struggled to get into this story, not sure if it was the story, the content or style. But I finally read the story and it just clicked into place. Briefly; a man who has split from his girlfriend and tries to find peace, he meets up with friends in Cornwall for a week and follow what happens until he returns home.

Next we have Thickly… Settled (He Swallowed The World) by Alex Kimmell. Completely different, this was really weird, in a good way. When two people who have kept themselves to themselves meet by two words (thickly settled) which strangely connects them through their apartment floor. I’m struggling to say what happened, without giving the story away. Beautifully written and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.

If you want to find new authors to read, having an anthology (collection) in one book is a really good idea. Definitely recommend getting this book to anyone.

I signed up to receive this book to review, and have not been paid in any other way apart from the free book.

I’m going to keep reading the book and add to this review as I go along!


Divine Beginnings – Book Review

I’m really a fan of fantasy fiction books, so when I found this book I was super pleased. 

Divine Beginnings by R. J. Masters starts like any normal fiction book, but very quickly turns into a fantasy world all of its own. I’ve never read anything like this before, and I was surprised as to how quickly I read it. Not that it was short, but that I couldn’t put it down. 

We meet a young lady working hard, then the mother who she believed to be dead just turns up on her doorstep and she finds out her past and an untold but predicted future awaits her. She’s not prepared for what will happen, nor does she really want it. 

There is a nice mix of faerie and witch magic which is very nice and how a land can so easily be hidden. There is alot of narrative which leads most of the descriptions for your own imagination which made it much better for me personally. 

I really hope the next books in the series come out soon as I need to read them very soon. I will definitely be rereading this as it was so good. I hope you find this as enjoyable as I have. 
Disclaimer: I was sent this book through a blogging site asking for reviews. I’ve not been paid in any other way apart from this free book. 

Breakfast Transformation With Breakfast By Bella – Review

I won a little twitter competition a few weeks back for a selection of granola, I love granola. But normally just out my price range, so I’m always super excited to either buy or best of all win some,and occasionally aquire some. 

This super lot was interesting, not sure as to why I chose to start with Cacao crazy, but I did. The texture was just right, and the Cacao nibs perfect. Then as I’m not a fan of peanut butter! I had the peanut butter me up, very much pleasantly surprised by the taste. And last but not least Nutty Nosh, wow the size of the nuts. You got proper full sized almonds, and walnuts and I think cashews. All the serving sizes are lighter than other granolas, but to be honest it’s was very filling and wouldn’t want more. 

I highly recommend this little breakfast company. Best of all they even have recipes on how to get the best out of your granola if your unlike me and want it other ways than just with milk for breakfast! Yes I was that sad and did just have a bowl with milk for breakfast. 

Cacao Crazy
Peanut Butter Me Up
Nutty Nosh

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