I won a little twitter competition a few weeks back for a selection of granola, I love granola. But normally just out my price range, so I’m always super excited to either buy or best of all win some,and occasionally aquire some. 

This super lot was interesting, not sure as to why I chose to start with Cacao crazy, but I did. The texture was just right, and the Cacao nibs perfect. Then as I’m not a fan of peanut butter! I had the peanut butter me up, very much pleasantly surprised by the taste. And last but not least Nutty Nosh, wow the size of the nuts. You got proper full sized almonds, and walnuts and I think cashews. All the serving sizes are lighter than other granolas, but to be honest it’s was very filling and wouldn’t want more. 

I highly recommend this little breakfast company. Best of all they even have recipes on how to get the best out of your granola if your unlike me and want it other ways than just with milk for breakfast! Yes I was that sad and did just have a bowl with milk for breakfast. 

Cacao Crazy
Peanut Butter Me Up
Nutty Nosh