A Happy Week

How long does it take to get a routine? 

I’m only asking as it’s two weeks since the Easter holidays, and I still don’t know where I am. Admittedly myself and Bob were ill two weeks before the holidays. And during it OH and Squidge were ill. One after the other we all got the Coughing virus. Bobs’ coughing was waking her up at night so a trip to GP and an inhaler was prescribed. She needed it for about a week, then we weaned her off it and she was fine, still coughing, but sleeping at night. I seemed to come down really badly with it and was short of breath with it. I couldn’t do anything. I do think I was run-down with my sleep disruptive nights. But I planned to eat some healthy food, and that seemed to make me feel better quicker. 

So what did we get upto during the holidays! As it’s the City of Culture in Hull this year, there is loads going on. We’ve seen the LEGO daffodils, the 100 year Oppy Woods “Weeping Window” instalation, strange underwater art inhalation and the newly refurbished Ferens Art Gallery. We also visited the Deep, went on a land train and visited the newly refurbished fruit. A trip out to Doncaster for look around Lakeside outlet, McDonald’s for lunch and Potteric Carr for a walk and cake (all the cake was gone). And doing little else in between. Squidge was meant to tidy her room and it still looks like a bomb has hit it. Bob on the other hand has tidied her room, and when the weather is nicer I’m going to redo her wardrobe. It needs about 7cm cutting off so can be turned round at the bottom of her bed. At the moment I feel as if she might fall in at sky moment getting her clothes out. 

OH had plans to do work, write and essay, tidy the house and look for a new job. He managed just to prepare for Mondays lessons! He didn’t even make me a cup of tea! 

Everybody went back to school or work, and I started the mammoth task of getting the house sorted. Plus making time for me to just be me. Then we had the bank holiday and Squidge attempted to tidy her room again. And this week I got round to finishing it off for her. Along with buying presents for 4 parties Bob has planned this month. Along with all of Bob’s parties Bob herself is now 5, she spent the day at school with her friends and got lots of presents. 


A Nice Little Week


I wanted to write more often but internet reduction and getting frustrated with the website losing my courser point. I found an alternative way, write on the tablets word document them copy and paste it onto my blog. All I need to do then it add pictures, links and make sure it looks right. So having said that I’m seeing how things go, this is post two, the first was a stupidly long tea review post. But that went really well and so I continue.

Now what has been happening – not much, its far too cold to do anything or go anywhere. The weekend before last we got to see more City of Culture events, the Hull Blade and the Bowhead Whale exhibition at the Maritine museum. They are both staying for a few more weeks so if you are “passing” by Hull, please take a look. Some people will say the Blade isnt art, they are correct, but it is culture. It is what we do, we used to be really big into fishing. So City of Culture is here to stay and with lots to look forward to, I’m looking forward to exciting times learning about our past, present and our future.

This week far too cold. The girls had a pj day on Saturday and played with all their toys. Squidge is still refusing to tidy her bedroom and OH has given her a last chance clean by 3pm on Saturday or toys get binned. She still hasnt made much effort in tidying, she has also stopped doing her homework (or doing it so poorly, might well as not done it). Bob is moving up another book band at school so with still half the year to go she is on the top book band for her class. The school decided in their wisdom that they would be spilt by ages, Bob is in the youngest class, as she is born in April.

This week also sees me finding some random energy surge to get the house organised. I deep cleaned my washing machine, never done it in two years. I always found reasons not to do it. My Mother-in-Law gave us some washer machine cleaner mid last year, i had taken it out of the packaging to read the instructions, but it looked like too much faff. I’m super pleased, it gleams. OK the draw needs more work, but if done every 3-6 months it will be fine. I also half cleaned the oven, if I keep half cleaning it every week (only took a couple of minuets) then it will be squeaky clean one day.

My exercising is going well but post exercise rituals not so well. I want to shower/bath after exercising but the house is cold and don’t want to shower. Next week I increase my time ago to showers will be a must, I don’t want to be sweaty all day. Talking about rituals I wanted to start washing my face before bed, not working yet. I have got all the cleansing oils and masks plus the different creams I need, so it’s motivation to get on and do it.

With the weather getting really cold, I finally got the bird table out and filled it with seeds and nuts. We have had some birds already, but I’m hoping for more. I do enjoy watching the birds in my garden. So hopefully more different birds will come.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Steady As She Goes


Not much really has happened this week. But at the same time lots.

Over the summer holidays the girls completed the Summer Reading Challenge -read all six books. At the weekend the girls went to collect their medals and certificates at the award ceremony at the City Hall. A local theatre company put a little show for them and medals given out. As always the medal giving out is a disaster and it ends up been a free for all. We don’t really see the point of that part, and for the first time I find out you can ask for your medal at the same time as collecting the certificate.

Summer Reading Challenge certificate and medal

Then the week frazzles to same old same old. I had my B12 injection which was over due and asked about the Flu jab. I’m at a new GP now so asked if I’m still entitled to it. I’m not directly, but as my husband is (by default I am) they assume he is worse than he is, which is fine for me as I didn’t want to pay. Now my arm hurts (improved after sleep, which when I rolled over it woke me up) and I have a headache (not sure if that’s tooooo much cake or the Flu jab).

I asked the girls to tidy all the garden play things up, after some reluctance they did. I didn’t get them packed into the garage and when the wind blow, garden toys all over the garden. I said as I didn’t up them away, I would tidy them back up. Which also included putting the table and chairs away. I also took down my hanging baskets put the plants in the garden, either they will grow or die. If I had just thrown them away I will never know.

We have had a little bit of a Squidge behaviour problem, which after some thinking. Squidge was upset that Bob is making friends and Squidge thought Bob didn’t want Squidge to be her friend. I talked to Squidge about how she has lots of friends at school and that Bob needs her own friends. Bob loves playing with Squidge and would probably choose Squidge over any of her new friends. Squidge’s behaviour has improved since then and has started to be nice again to Bob. I do hope that they remain friends for life, as sisters can have a really special bond.

I have started my Christmas shopping with the Argos 3 for 2 sale and finding items on Amazon and the shops. Then my Mother-in-law wanted some items, so I ended up selling her most of my toys. I’m keeping the two giant caterpillars and they are also getting lots of smaller toys. Unfortunally money is going to be very tight so there isn’t going to be as many. Looking in the sales and on shops to find the bargains. So far nothing has been full price. I do have fun finding the bargains and shopping around. Even easier this year as Bob is at school all day.


Skyline from Primrose Hill, London

What a busy few weeks its been. The school holidays are almost over and this year I have both my girls at school. Squidge will be going into year 3 and Bob will be starting reception (foundation 2). I think it will be hard for Bob as she has never been to Nursery or any preschool setting. We have been to our local playgroup where on arrival she will take her shoes off and play either by herself or with other children.

Before the school holidays I had managed to buy most of my back to school things, just needed shoes and a second cardigan (still haven’t got). I took the girls in the week before school to Wynsors World of Shoes, massive range, sensible prices and they do a basic measuring service (is shoe size). I keep looking in Asda to see if they have the fleecy cardigans as both my girls have requested them, I have got Squidge the next size up and only one for Bob which is a little tight, but they didn’t have the next size up.


During this summer holidays we had six days in London seeing nearly all the sights and trying to spend as little as possible, which meant a lot of tube rides and lots of walking. I’ll write more about London in another blog post, this one will not do it justice. All I will say is on the last day other half was poorly, and spent the next five days in bed with a cheast infection, coughing up all sorts of things and going though two boxes of tissues.

Also during the holidays we have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge (read six books from the library) which meant a few trips to the library to sign up, collect books and return them. The libraries in town have lots of activities planned, but we went to the central library in town to do ours this year. The bus goes from outside our house to practically outside the library. Then we can shop in town before going home. We have one more library visit to do either this week or on Monday before the girls start school on Tuesday then we are finished and we can book the award ceremony. Whilst at the library we have participated in some of the craft sessions.

Making BFG ears and masks at the library

So what am I going to do whilst the girls are at school? First day I’m going to Costa Coffee for a large hot chocolate and something naughty. Then put my feet up all day long in a quite house. From day two onwards, I have wardrobe swapping, building Bob her new cabin bed, decluttering the house, deep cleaning the house, laying a small patio, deepish digging the front garden and adding Costa Coffee grounds and finally tidying the garage out. Think I’m trying to keep myself busy as I’ll miss my girls when they start, I’ve not worked since I had Bob four and a bit years ago and I’ve always had a child with me apart from the very odd night out or a few hours when they are with dad and I get me time (hair cut).

Calm After the Storm

My free tea haul, love Twinings tea

What can I say? I’ve left writing this post until today because after the whirlwind of last week I needed time to catch-up. It all started with a perfectly normal week. Squidge went to school on the Monday and she was looking forward to sports day and her school trip later that week.

Squidge at school sports day 2016

Squidge did really well considering she’s not very sporty, her skills are more academic. She did manage to come second in one of the events which shocked me, but I’m pleased that she enjoyed the morning events. Unfortunately whilst this was all happening a number of children were becoming sick, by Wednesday at least 100 children and staff had become ill. We decided that we should take Squidge out of school and hope she isn’t I’ll (she missed it). The school say that they call Public Health England, probably a parent, and measures were put into place to help prevent to spread of infection. More children became ill at school on the Thursday. Then on Friday and Monday the school was closed for teacher training. Everyone has had time to recover and most of the children had returned back to school by Tuesday (no teachers strike at our school). For poor Squidge her school trip was cancelled either due to lack of children or potential of children sick whilst on the trip. The plan is to rearrange for later this term.

Strawberries hand picked by Squidge and Bob 2016

With the weather much improved we went strawberry picking. One of our family favourites summer activities. We have got ourselves into a pattern food first then picking. But we were early due to promise of rain and the food wasn’t ready. Two punnets later, and we got homemade jam, scones and cheesecake (£1 each for the cakes). All very happy and still eating the strawberries. Going to have to freeze some, maybe as Greek yogurt strawberry icecream.

I was fortunate that a complaint to Twinings tea resulted in my getting £10 worth of vouchers. I have happily spent most of them on a small collection of nice tea. With the remaining vouchers to be spent on more breakfast tea.

Boring Post Alert!


Well nothing much has happened here this last week. Squidge has gone a a geography field trip with school – a highlight for her! Yes I know they are only going into the city centre, but as it’s a school soooo much more exciting! Squidge tried to trick me, her teacher insisted that she should have a new water bottle, the one she uses for school is only for school! I got her a juice carton.

The school garden club has started properly, unfortunately it was only me and my girls, nobody else could be bothered. Having said that now people have seen that two of the planters have been dug over and seeds are in, people have taken interest, so hopefully next week (if it’s not raining) there will be a few more people. As long as the children are supervised I don’t care if the parents don’t do any work. A parent has donated some seeds, along with my Grow Wild seeds it will start to look nice.


I was lucky to go see Jason Donovan this week, no comments if you don’t like him. The music was good and reminded me of when I first liked him, as usual the groupies where there! The only thing that spoilt it for my was hubby. He met his friends beforehand and had a few drinks, me not drinking was fine about this until he tried to dance with me as if we were in a nightclub! I was not very happy. I didn’t fancy drinking for some unknown reason, I was happy with this. In the interval more drinks were got “can I have a Coke” on return, he commented they didn’t have any Tia Maria so handed me a cider, I didn’t ask for Tia Maria! Well after queuing to leave the venue and queuing to leave the car park, I had to drop of two people go home then take my mother-in-law who was babysitting the monkeys. Needless to say I was home at midnight with a poorly foot (I hurt it several weeks ago and still hurts, best see a GP about it).

So that really sums up my week!

All’s Fair In Love And War


What a week we have had, Squidge has turned back into a monster. She asked Bob to walk past her and then purposefully tripped her up, first time uninjured! second time Bob went flying down the landing, how she didn’t get hurt is beyond me, just a little shaken up. Squidge is supposed to be tidying her room ready for a new bed. Squidge’s bed is going into Bob’s bedroom to give her storage and a single bed to sleep on. I was thinking of getting Squidge a mid-sleeper, but not now, she will be getting a cheap single bed!

On the getting organised front. I have still managed to keep on top of my daily jobs. This has made both me happy and my laundry baskets nearly empty. I started to do my exercising again (need to lose a little weight), so this week I have done 10 minuets on the exercise bike every day. My plan is to eventually get up to 30 minuets five times a week, plus two or three toning sessions. I am also walking around the house with ankle weights, carry on doing normal jobs, and fingers crossed I tone up and lose some weight. I have also added a night-time face cleansing routine which my face no longer looks like a volcano about to erupt!

As its nearly half-term I want to get some reviews and recipes planned so you don’t think I have run away and joined the circus!

We have started shopping or Bob’s new school uniform, which she had to try on when we got home. I have got several pairs of socks and three summer dresses, had to buy another summer dress for Squidge. Then got home and found out I need to buy some more for her. I think bob is looking forward to school. Even though I will be lost without her.


Secret Diary Of A Four Year Olds Birthday


It was Bob’s birthday this week, she started the week feeling poorly and I was hoping she would feel better for birthday on Wednesday. Luckily bob was well enough for her to enjoy her birthday.

First up was the opening of all her presents, she got a nice mixture of toys and crafty things. Octonauts, Lego, My Little Pony and Aquabeads. As Bob has a lot of My Little Pony’s I was keen for her not to have too many more. after this breakfast then opening of her cards, I felt a break was needed between that and the start of playing with her toys. I agreed for one toy to be opened and played with before the rush of getting Squidge ready for school. Squidge had a tantrum about her going to school, as she wanted to stay at home and play with Bob’s new toys. Bob wanted to take Squidge to school so everyone ready to drop Squidge at school. We had to visit my Mother-in-Law to pick up some more presents that Bob’s Uncle had left there for her, which wasn’t a problem today as Hubby had taken the day off.

He thought it would be a good idea to into town. It was very cold and windy, plus Bob really wasn’t that well to wander aimlessly around town! We parked at one of the shopping centres and found that more than half the shops were empty. So we came home having spent £1.90 on parking. I made it up to Bob, by letting her have a prawn sandwich for lunch her favourite.

The afternoon was spent opening the packaging from presents and building the Lego Prison Island Escape set. Bob had fun playing with all her toys alone.

When it was time to pick Squidge up all of us went as I were going to the café for drinks and birthday cake. Bob choose a gluten free chocolate cake (the only chocolate cake) and the staff put the candles on for us, which was really nice of the them. Then back home for more playing with toys and for me and Hubby to finish the Lego off.

I let Bob stay up a little so she could maximise her new toy playing time.

Did I have a good week? mmmmm

BigAl's Books and Pals_ Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing_

mmm. How do I start, positives. Ok. I have made a really good start on decluttering my kitchen cupboards, I have ten to do, so far two one and I have thrown things away. I am also keeping on top of actually keeping it clean. washing up a bit behind, but getting there.

My washing is nearly done, it will never really be done, I don’t have a tumble drier, so I can’t do too much in one go, usually one big wash a day. Sometimes I have work uniforms towels and jeans to do. Always find room for bedding (hung over the top).

I have been fortunate to receive a free mascara, with no strings attached! My JolleyBrew tea arrived for me to review and it looked really pretty in the bags 😊. And I am going to get some Pink Lady Apples, semi no strings attached, just want a photo of some snacks I will want to make (may do a review of them, not sure yet).

I have been exercising for two weeks, but with the very cold and wet Thursday I really didn’t feel like doing it. I was soaked on the school run on both journeys, not a happy bunny. The return journey was the worst, the snow froze to our faces and my trousers stuck to my legs.


I bought myself a new notebook so I can jot my blog ideas, and contents of the blog posts at I want to write. You may have noticed that it is also good for storing my receipts for entering survey comps I have entered a ton of comps, lets see if I win anything. I have started to read my book and I’m happy again, I’m into sci-fi/fantasy fiction which I have acquired free from Amazon. I have even managed to watch a lot of telly and start deleting old programs from my digi box so I can record more programs that I want to watch.


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