After seeing Tenner A Week Challenge on  Penny Golightly website and twitter, I realised I need to see where I am really spending my spare money. This been after all our direct debits have come out. Most of my spending is in supermarkets, but I also know on a Tuesday is library which costs £3.10 for the bus, and on Thursday we go to a toddler group which costs £2.00 to get in and £1.00 for a hot drink.

My challenge this month is to see where and what I spend in the supermarkets each month and as I’m watching a lot more closely, where I can reduce my spending, looking at better offer’s and down shifting brands. I already have down shifted some brands, so looking at alternatives for cheaper, but healthier foods. I need to think about two growing children who need snacks and puddings seven days a week. I am  lucky that every Sunday we are always out for lunch, but as everything is over-cooked (carrots from a tin 30mins, cabbage min cook time 1 hour!) and puddings always high sugar choices – cakes, cream buns or something of similar nature.

So the plan is a monthly timetable with what we eat, when I shop, and a breakdown with what I spend. If you can see something which is shouting “what are you doing” please tell me as I may have missed it.

1st: no shopping today. We didn’t go out as it was raining, don’t want to hang around the bus-stop in the pouring rain.

  • breakfast: Cereal for all four; Tesco chocolate crispies, and I had Alpen small portion and linseed, and Tesco own smoothie for my eldest.
  • lunch: Squidge at school (free), Hubby bought out as was not sure where he would be for lunch. Bob had a tin of spaghetti shapes (cross & Blackwell) and I have some leftover chicken and chips
  • tea: Scampi for three with chips/fries and fresh veg (carrots, cauliflower) frozen peas. no pudding as cupboard was empty. hubby had flipper dippers and chips as we had run out of fishcakes.
  • snacks: crisps (from a large multi-pack), mummy buns (homemade) chocolate (small amount for me) and hubby had biscuits and 2 yogurts.

2nd: big shopping day. Didn’t go out, as not normally out.

  • fridge food         £43.28 (a few offers, but not many)
  • freezer food        £10.85 (a few items on offer, or wouldn’t have bought)
  • cupboard food     £47.60 (not many offers)
  • alcohol                  £10 (2x bottles of wine and 3x bottles of cider)
  • household stuff  £15.68 (lots of half price or reduce items)


  • breakfast: toast for two, as low on milk, cereal (as above) for the others, and as usual smoothie for Squidge.
  • lunch: Squidge at school (free), me and Bob had homemade wraps (prawn mayo, fish sticks tomatoes and cucumber), hubby unexpectedly came home so he had a small tin of beans and sausages.
  • tea: butternut squash risotto for three, hubby had a ready meal. He came home later then us, and he has decided he doesn’t like risotto!
  • snacks: crisps, mummy buns, chocolate

I was going to post this as one long post but after seeing it this long, I am going to post more frequently.