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I’m working very hard at the moment, but feeling let down by this particular job. Most of the staff I work with are either really fabulous or OK. I’m fine with OK, it’s the others, the ones bubbling under the surface.

My area team has a “manager” who it seems likes to take credit for other people’s work. I spent over four hours doing a job because bigwig managers where visiting, they came saw “manager” doing the job I had done and they got the credit. Didn’t even acknowledge I had done anything by taking to make me do it again. It was very obvious that I had done it! “Manager” also was nitpicking and making the rest of the team do silly tasks that never need doing.

Then there’s the overall management team, how many managers do you need at any one time? I looked into it for one day – seven managers were working, and this was a standard day. Then they complain that the labour costs are too high, joke!

Then we come onto having some training done whilst it’s quite, then manager who has watched you have said training complain that I hadn’t done my job. Well no, you’ve just witnessed me training. Don’t even get me started on the volume of training that needed to be done before you could even start working, yes relevant to most staff, but not so much for that area I’m working in. I’ve also got a workbook to complete then an online assessment followed by a training course. They made me do the online assessment before I’ve completed the workbook – most answers are from the workbook! Somehow I passed!

Now I’m waiting for my promised hours not the ones they feel like. I have made it easier by been available for most shifts, and can request days off. Most are Saturdays when it’s not too much of a problem, and not every Saturday.

So the end of this results in me wanting to find another job, with those regular hours. I found some more jobs, just need interviews and offers! But whilst I’m working I’m not getting further into debt.


I’ve Got A New Job!

I started a new job this month, first time in work for just over five years. I’ve spent so long looking after the little ones, it’s time I went back to work. Bob has started year 1 and has been very settled all the way through.

I’ll be doing a mixture of shifts so I can still do the school run and homework sessions. And of course some nights I can still tuck my girls into bed at night, if I’m working I like to take a sneaky peek at them sleeping.

I’ve done a few weeks already at work and my word do I ache, in places I never know could ache. My current biggest ache is in my left shoulder, plenty of hot baths do work wonders. Also I’m on my feet all day long, so my legs and feet ache, as long as I put them up at home I’m doing OK.

In the first week of working I bashed into a table and have the biggest bruise ever (which I still have) it was so painful I could hardly sleep on that side. I’ve cut my finger on something, no idea what it was and needed a plaster.

I’ve met some really nice people and can chat to them as part of my job, but it is hard work, harder than other parts of the place I work. I’ve also met so extremely rude people, it doesn’t take much to be polite even when an honest mistake has been made and apologised for (even given item free to make up for it).

my lovely bruise, isn’t big (this was after two weeks).

The Long Half-Term 

What happens when children get chickenpox? Well for starters anything can happen as I found out these last three weeks. 

First up was Squidge, she was pretty much fine in herself, getting tired as it was coming up to half-term holidays. We didn’t really have much planned. But on Sunday morning she had two red blobs on her face. And, as Bob was at a party (one of many in May) we took her to grandma’s house for the day. When we picked her up and got her home, her whole body was covered in chickenpox spots. For Squidge, she took it all in her stride and seemed OK. Apart from the fact that she was now not going to school, it hit her hard as she loves school. Squidge even cried about not going to school. Not sure if not going to school or her chickenpox was making her look ill, so she had calpol and went to bed. Woke up on Monday morning itching so piriton was needed, she only needed three doses throughout the day. No further medication was needed, but time for her spots to dry up or crust over, all done by Friday night. 

Bob fast asleep

Now Bob on the other hand was getting excited about looking for her chickenpox spots. She was waiting all of halt term. Then on the last Saturday of the holidays they appeared. This happened after she had an unexpected afternoon nap, Bob hasn’t napped for years! In fairness to Bob she has been fed up and tired all the holidays and didn’t want to do anything. Squidge was angry at Bob for not wanting to play with her. Squidge soon felt upset for her been angry at Bob once she spotted the spots. 

Over the course of Saturday more and more and more spots appeared. By Sunday her entire body was covered with nasty looking spots, large red spots and blisters. They now hurt and very itchy clue piriton and calpol all day long, we think Bob might be sensitive to piriton as she slept most of the day. Monday and Tuesday followed much the same. Wednesday we didn’t need calpol and reduction in piriton use, one dose, and Bob even managed to play a little. By Thursday we seemed to be passed the itching stage, the angry red blob spots have faded if not gone. We are left with little blisters and some pizza looking scabs on the larger nasty looks spots. Still not dried or crusty, but finally getting better. Tomorrow we are attempting to get washed and clean pj’s on, and try some house playing. 

2016 A Year In Review

London 2016

starting with my goals for the year, did I do them?

  1. Eat healthier – more fruit and veg was added, but not much else
  2. Try one new thing each month – tried none!
  3. Cook more from scratch – I did cook a bit more, and added baking
  4. Exercise – went out the window very early in the year, maybe next year
  5. Do more jigsaws – only started doing them in November
  6. Clean the house – having small ones around made that hard, but getting there now
  7. Enter more competitions – on track with that one
  8. More surveys – end of the year got on track with it
  9. Write more on my blog – yes. Didn’t write as much as planned but really put more effort into my blog

I’ve enjoyed this year plenty of ups and downs. Bob started school in September which brought its own challenges which was fun. As Bob is our second child I had a rough idea how to do things (phonics). Plenty of colds and other bugs to contend with. December with sickness bug, bad colds, Squidges birthday and Christmas makes for a varied end to the year.

I hope 2017 will be full of fun, making money and getting freebies. HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.❤



This has been a strange period for me. I’m normally happy with how things have been going. Everything slowly ticking by. The girls go to school and do my little things, shopping, cleaning, blogging, entering comps and generally getting on with things. Unfortunately everything changed when my Other Half informed me he had left his job. Due to the circumstances of what happen at work he has refused to work his notice, they have excepted that. By just a few weeks before Christmas when we are already short on money, we have none. I not really sure he is looking for a job apart from one that looks difficult to get in and wouldn’t start till at least April.

Somehow I have to pretend to the girls everything is OK. It’s not, I don’t even know where to begin what to do, or even how to get away from it all. My children have always come first, I try really hard to make and keep them happy. It seems my OH has always been him first and we are some after thought, I don’t mind been the last thing he thinks of, but the girls no. Unfortunately due to the current situation I can’t work. I haven’t worked in nearly five years, getting a job that fits solely around school hours is hard, and getting  13 weeks off a year. Schools locally are not taking on staff. I have no idea who CNN give me a reference anymore. So I will enter comps, do surveys and blog. Hopefully I can win something to help us see us till the new year.


Bed Building and Bin Gate

Bob’s new cabin bed

I finally seemed to get back into the swing of things. My enthusiasm to blogging has increased and I have so many ideas buzzing around my head, I feel happy. I’m still not really into a routine yet, but over the next few months I’m hoping that happens. But for the moment its all about catch-up, household chores that were left, and left, are finally getting done.

This last week saw Bob having her own proper bed not a little baby bed. I decided that now she has started school, she is a big girl, and big girls need proper beds. Building the bed was not fun. The base started off fine, I was able to do most of it by myself. It did suggest that two people build it, they wasn’t wrong. Luckily my mum was on hand to help. She even brought her electric screwdriver which massively helped. The last five screws the holes were wrong and my needed to enlarge them so we could get the screws in. Those last five screws took over half an hour to put in. I do think I need some new screwdrivers now. The fun part of building her bed was that the room was so small, not sure how I managed to fit it in.

Bob’s new cabin bed

When Bob came home from school most of the bed was built (I hadn’t done the draws) and her new mattress was airing on the bed. Bob was super excited about her bed. Must admit it took her about four nights to get the idea of her new bed, she even removed her Violet from the bed as she no longer uses it to get to sleep with (not going yet as she likes the day songs).

Squidge had a meltdown as she wanted the new bed, no point as apart from the shelf system, its the same as her current bed. Now all that is needed is cushions and soft things to protect heads from walls. Argos has some two metre caterpillars which might just appear as Christmas presents.

So building beds has created rubbish, which leads me on to my bin problem. Normally the recycle bins get emptied one week and the other my general waste. So every fortnight all bins emptied. No the week I wanted to build a bed and have lots of rubbish, mine and about 30 or so other bins didn’t get emptied. Ring the council and they said two days, two days went by and no bns emptied. Several other people complained as well to the council and a week later still no bins emptied. Then after the third call “failed bin collection” which means they must empty it the next day. It was emptied in the morning, but just mine. They must has spent five minuets looking for mine. Then later that afternoon another lorry came and emptied all the other missed bins. What a waste of time.



Skyline from Primrose Hill, London

What a busy few weeks its been. The school holidays are almost over and this year I have both my girls at school. Squidge will be going into year 3 and Bob will be starting reception (foundation 2). I think it will be hard for Bob as she has never been to Nursery or any preschool setting. We have been to our local playgroup where on arrival she will take her shoes off and play either by herself or with other children.

Before the school holidays I had managed to buy most of my back to school things, just needed shoes and a second cardigan (still haven’t got). I took the girls in the week before school to Wynsors World of Shoes, massive range, sensible prices and they do a basic measuring service (is shoe size). I keep looking in Asda to see if they have the fleecy cardigans as both my girls have requested them, I have got Squidge the next size up and only one for Bob which is a little tight, but they didn’t have the next size up.


During this summer holidays we had six days in London seeing nearly all the sights and trying to spend as little as possible, which meant a lot of tube rides and lots of walking. I’ll write more about London in another blog post, this one will not do it justice. All I will say is on the last day other half was poorly, and spent the next five days in bed with a cheast infection, coughing up all sorts of things and going though two boxes of tissues.

Also during the holidays we have taken part in the Summer Reading Challenge (read six books from the library) which meant a few trips to the library to sign up, collect books and return them. The libraries in town have lots of activities planned, but we went to the central library in town to do ours this year. The bus goes from outside our house to practically outside the library. Then we can shop in town before going home. We have one more library visit to do either this week or on Monday before the girls start school on Tuesday then we are finished and we can book the award ceremony. Whilst at the library we have participated in some of the craft sessions.

Making BFG ears and masks at the library

So what am I going to do whilst the girls are at school? First day I’m going to Costa Coffee for a large hot chocolate and something naughty. Then put my feet up all day long in a quite house. From day two onwards, I have wardrobe swapping, building Bob her new cabin bed, decluttering the house, deep cleaning the house, laying a small patio, deepish digging the front garden and adding Costa Coffee grounds and finally tidying the garage out. Think I’m trying to keep myself busy as I’ll miss my girls when they start, I’ve not worked since I had Bob four and a bit years ago and I’ve always had a child with me apart from the very odd night out or a few hours when they are with dad and I get me time (hair cut).

A Moth For Amy

A Moth For Amy – Fantastical Flying Machines

After seeing lots of information about Amy Johnson Festival. We decided that as part of our summer holiday activities we would hunt giant decorated moths.

First part of the plan was to either download a map of the moth locations, or simply head to the library to got a paper copy. Once acquired plan a route and set about how many we can do. First day plan, see the one near us, go to Beverley and then the one near the Humber Bridge and finishing off with the West Hull ones. Reality do the ones near us, miss some in Beverley and wonder about looking for the one near the Humber bridge. The Humber bridge one was so far the hardest to find, most were just on the side of buildings or on a plinth easy to see. Oh no not this one, a drive round the business park and we found a path hidden in the corner. A long walk later and we found it. We took a photo of this one and decided that we would go back in the holidays and got photos of the ones we missed.

When home doing more research on the Amy Johnson Festival we found some activities to do during the holiday. So in August we are going real moth hunting in the evening.

April Round-up

Bob playing with her Aquabeads

It has been a funny month really. Lots of different things have happened, but at the same time nothing much more than usual.

My earnings and winnings have been slow, but the last week I started to plan and get organised. My very basic daily jobs have kept me more focused on what I am doing, I skipped the comps/surveys the first week. So far I can say, it has been a success. my washing up pile is empty, my washing baskets are always very nearly empty which leaves me space to do my other washing more regularly. Now I need to work on all the other jobs!

With excitement of Bobs fourth birthday and finding out which school she will go to in September, doing much else went out of the window. I am pleased to say that we got our first choice in schools which means she will be in the same school as Squidge.

One of the biggest decisions I did make, was that when Bob does start September I am not going to look for a job. Mainly I will need to find a job that would fit completely around school hours and the school holidays. With hubby working full time during the week, my mum not very often home (she has a motorhome and spends her time meeting her friends) and my mother-in-law who cannot lock our front or back door. Childcare is a problem. Breakfast club at the school is £3 per child per day which alone is £30 a week. If I get a job in school they could stay with me when I’m working, but the chance of a proper job in school when I haven’t worked for four and half years. Getting a reference will be hard, as I only worked on an ad hoc basis. Then my next problem will be having time off if any of the monkeys are poorly and need to be off school, teacher training days and strikes! All I have to do now is convince hubby that I should stay at home all day. I do have many plans that I can be doing when I’m at home all day.

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