Perrier new flavours – Review

I signed up to give these a try. Not sure why as I’m not a fan of sparkling water! So two flavours to try, a lemon one and an apple one. The size of the bottle are perfect for two drinks, small enough so they don’t take up the fridge, but also handily to fit inside my handbag so I can take them to work! First up lemon, it’s has just enough lemon to hide the sparkling water taste, but not too much that it’s a lemonade type drink. The green apple is nice, but I don’t think it has enough apple to hide the water taste. That’s my opinion, and I do prefer the lemon.

I was sent this to try and have not been paid for this post, all opinions are my own.


Subject Verb Object – Book Review

An interesting concept for a book! There are lots of authors in this book of short stories compiled by Dane Cobain.

Let me explain, first an author has found lots of other authors to write short stories. But here’s the twist, each author has to come up with a subject, a verb and an object. Sounds straight forward enough until these heading are mixed up and given to a different author to base their stories around.

To get the review out quickly, I’m reviewing each story one at a time and then just adding to the post (this will be removed when the last story is reviewed).

First up is Cornwall by James Torrance. For some reason I struggled to get into this story, not sure if it was the story, the content or style. But I finally read the story and it just clicked into place. Briefly; a man who has split from his girlfriend and tries to find peace, he meets up with friends in Cornwall for a week and follow what happens until he returns home.

Next we have Thickly… Settled (He Swallowed The World) by Alex Kimmell. Completely different, this was really weird, in a good way. When two people who have kept themselves to themselves meet by two words (thickly settled) which strangely connects them through their apartment floor. I’m struggling to say what happened, without giving the story away. Beautifully written and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.

If you want to find new authors to read, having an anthology (collection) in one book is a really good idea. Definitely recommend getting this book to anyone.

I signed up to receive this book to review, and have not been paid in any other way apart from the free book.

I’m going to keep reading the book and add to this review as I go along!

Divine Beginnings – Book Review

I’m really a fan of fantasy fiction books, so when I found this book I was super pleased. 

Divine Beginnings by R. J. Masters starts like any normal fiction book, but very quickly turns into a fantasy world all of its own. I’ve never read anything like this before, and I was surprised as to how quickly I read it. Not that it was short, but that I couldn’t put it down. 

We meet a young lady working hard, then the mother who she believed to be dead just turns up on her doorstep and she finds out her past and an untold but predicted future awaits her. She’s not prepared for what will happen, nor does she really want it. 

There is a nice mix of faerie and witch magic which is very nice and how a land can so easily be hidden. There is alot of narrative which leads most of the descriptions for your own imagination which made it much better for me personally. 

I really hope the next books in the series come out soon as I need to read them very soon. I will definitely be rereading this as it was so good. I hope you find this as enjoyable as I have. 
Disclaimer: I was sent this book through a blogging site asking for reviews. I’ve not been paid in any other way apart from this free book. 

Breakfast Transformation With Breakfast By Bella – Review

I won a little twitter competition a few weeks back for a selection of granola, I love granola. But normally just out my price range, so I’m always super excited to either buy or best of all win some,and occasionally aquire some. 

This super lot was interesting, not sure as to why I chose to start with Cacao crazy, but I did. The texture was just right, and the Cacao nibs perfect. Then as I’m not a fan of peanut butter! I had the peanut butter me up, very much pleasantly surprised by the taste. And last but not least Nutty Nosh, wow the size of the nuts. You got proper full sized almonds, and walnuts and I think cashews. All the serving sizes are lighter than other granolas, but to be honest it’s was very filling and wouldn’t want more. 

I highly recommend this little breakfast company. Best of all they even have recipes on how to get the best out of your granola if your unlike me and want it other ways than just with milk for breakfast! Yes I was that sad and did just have a bowl with milk for breakfast. 

Cacao Crazy
Peanut Butter Me Up
Nutty Nosh

Tea Tourist – February Review


This is a month that was not looking forward to writing about. Most of the teas were not to my liking, there were some really nice ones, some I wanted to try, and some I didn’t like. I did try them all as I have no idea what they tasted like, or if I would like them. As usual there are six little packets with looseleaf tea from different tea makers/suppliers. So this is brilliant if wanting to find something new. Each little bag contains enough for about four cups, and a preparation card. So what teas are in this month?

Brockley Breakfast – GOOD AND PROPER
As it states a breakfast tea, contains a mix of usual black teas Aasam Kenya Ceylon and Darjeeling. The mix is good and does taste nice with a dribble of milk and relax.

Blend NO.45 – Edgcumbes
This is another black tea with some more unusual varieties, keemun. This can be either a breakfast or afternoon tea, you can serve as it is, mix with your usual tea, I needed to add milk. I want a fan of this one and to be honest I don’t like the smell either.

BEN SHAN OOLONG – tea in the city
I liked this one strangely, best was when the leaves unfolded. This is a single blend tea which adds its own depth can be re-steeped and enjoyed with afternoon cake!

Gunpowder tea – The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company
I should give lovely tones on this, but I really didn’t enjoy, personally. I do understand that some people do enjoy this. So to enjoy it more I added honey. If you enjoy this style go for it.

Black tea and dandelion – Oteas
Surprised at this one. Didn’t think about dandelion in tea, very tasty and I didn’t need to add anything. Dandelion has health benefits so go for detox and weight loss.

Cherry Sencha – Cheshire Tea
Another good tea from these lovely people. I have saved my favourite one till last. Green tea with cherry, how could this go wrong, it didn’t I’m pleased to say, no need to add anything to this tea.

I hope you have enjoyed this months teas, I already know next months for me are better.

Daz – Review

I signed up for the Daz doorstep challenge. I received a nice box of Daz to try, I’ve never used Daz as I my parents never used it and the adverts naf! So because of this I never wanted to try. 

So after reluctantly leaving it in the box over half term, and we’ll ihad more time, out came the box. I eyed it up suspiciously thinking this will never work, it’s only for white washes. Well I read the information booklet and to my surprise it can be for colours as well. Maybe a good all rounder? I put several loads of washing on, as you do when you have two monkey’s and never really noticed how clean things were. That wasn’t till I washed yet another pile of lights (white) that I noticed the girls white school socks actually looked white again, first win. Secondly this morning after looking at my youngest daughters nightie, usually covered in chocolate milk and spaghetti sauce which was stained even after repeated washes it was clean and “bright”. 

I’m definitely now converted to Daz and all my washing is looking like new again, we’ll part for bobbling for wear! 

I’ve not been paid for this review and was sent samples to try from Supersavyme,  which I have been part of for some time. 

Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription – Review

Decembers box selection

Well here is another Teatourist monthly box review. I won the November launch box and reviewed that (Tea Tourist Review), but for some reason I believed I have won three month subcription, I hadn’t it was just one box. Anyway I contacted a little confused and they were really nice and had a leftover box and let me have Decembers box. So as a thank you to Tea Tourist im reviewing another box for them.

Tea no.1. Marzipan Rooibos by Hoogly tea

A nice simple rooibos tea with mazipan. Not much more to add. Normally tea tourist do loose leaf but this is already in bags not the paper bags. Now i have to worn you, when you open the packet the marzipan hits you, very nice warm feeling comes over you, and as you drink the marzipan stays with you.

Tea no.2 Gingerbread Chai by TUGBOAT

This is another rooibos tea, a lot different with ginger and cinnamon, I’m not a fan of ginger so I added honey like it suggests. The honey adds a nice twist which really compliments the tea.

Tea no.3 Shiraore Green by mono cha

This is a twig and leaf tea, smells really fresh and as its says on the instuction card “grassy” I’ll agree with that. Tea tourist recommend drinking with cake or just on its own. It is really nice and smooth to drink which is relaxing

Tea no.4 Citrus Ginger by LULIN TEAS

Another ginger team again I added the honey. It has plenty of different citus flavours orange and lemon zest as well as lemongrass. Personally not liking this one, but the honey makes it bareable to drink.

Tea no.5 Winter Spice by chash Tea

This tea smells like winter with all the different flavours and ingredients in the tea. There is apple, rosehip, lime blossom, elderberries, sage leaf and a few others. With tgis been a December (Christmas) box “drink with mince pies or add a cheeky tipple”


Tea no.6 Scotch Acorns by Nothing But Tea

Plenty of different ingredients in this tea, even a little whisky and plenty of nuts. The smell when you open the packet is sweet and heavenly, the tea itself looks good enough to eat without making it into tea to drink. Recommended as an after dinner drink and with the whisky I can see why.

This month sees a mixed bag of new teas I love and some that I hate. Yes I did use hate when talking about tea, but I really don’t like ginger. For me ginger spoils things.

Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription – A Review

A teatourist box

I won a competition for a box of tea from Teatourist. This may sound rather silly until you find out its for a monthly subscription box which contains six very different teas, which change every month. I won the launch box for the company Tea Tourist back in November, but with things as they were I did get to drink them, but not review. So here goes.

Tea Tourist searches out six different teas for every month and send them out in letter sized boxes (fits though most letter boxes if postie tries, mine didn’t, but I was in). Every month there will be new teas to try. Each sample bag is resealable with a little card telling you what’s in the tea, how to brew it, how to serve it and if the tea can be rebrewed (great for stingy people). Also each sample will make about three or four standard sizes cups/mugs of tea. As all are loose leaf (or stems and other things) I would recommend a tea strainer or similar items to stop the tea leafs from your mug.

Tea no.1 Orange Blossom (oolong) by Easy Teasy
This is sold as a breakfast/morning tea “best served with morning toast and butter” well I was told and its very nice. The orange peel and orange flavouring comes through really nicely not overpowering. This type can be rebrewed 3 or even 4 times.

Tea no.2 Malawi Peony by Baraka Teas
I was I little confused when I saw this, it just looked like plant leaves, but open to new things into the pot they went. Unfortunately this point the next day I had d&v, first thought was the tea, but no the whole family came down with d&v. The next time no problems. Its recommended that you serve this with chocolate or fruity deserts, very nice.

Tea no.3 Japanse Kukicha by Shibui Tea
Another strange tea for me, this one is made from branches and stems of the plant, I suppose somewhere somebody tried it and must have tastes nice (and was safe to drink). Well its a green tea that’s been roasted, its very nice with not much information – drink as it is! So I did just that.

Japanese Kukicha tea

Tea no.4 Peppermint Tea by Cheshire Tea
A reply nice cool peppermint tea, if you like peppermint this takes it up a notch. The company import this from Washington State USA. With not much to add I’ll move to the next tea.

Tea no.5 Tummy Rub by Tea Box
I had no idea what to expect from this one, and was surprised, in a nice way. It contains peppermint, liquorice, chamomile and fennel. All the different flavours come though to make one extremely moreish tea. I one I would like to be having a little more often.

Tea no.6 Yoga Tea by T-tox Tea
This is a white tea and aimed at when you can drink it in a relaxed state. I love the rose petals which make the dry tea really pretty. But for me personally the ginger and nettle didn’t do it for me. Pleasing to drink but not on my to drink again list.

Having tried all this months teas I know what I would buy again. Tea Tourist costs £14.95 per month and currently they have an offer of 10% off your first box and offer rolling subscriptions which can be paused or stopped at anytime, the boxes will be shipped on or around the 20th of each month.

Robots and Gadgets – a Book Review


My children were sent this book as part of Parragon Books Ltd -Book Buddies. The book can all lovely and wrapped for them to rip open, a nice little touch was the extra roboty stickers that were sent with the book, not that 300 stickers in the book was enough!

Having said that my 8 year old loved reading it to her 4 year old sister, and both merrily added stickers to the pages.

Lots of interesting facts, and stickers to help build up knowledge and understanding. Extra activities none sticker based makes it varied and keeps them occupied.

I would recommend to anybody who like robots, not necessary loves them.

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