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Subject Verb Object – Book Review

An interesting concept for a book! There are lots of authors in this book of short stories compiled by Dane Cobain.

Let me explain, first an author has found lots of other authors to write short stories. But here’s the twist, each author has to come up with a subject, a verb and an object. Sounds straight forward enough until these heading are mixed up and given to a different author to base their stories around.

To get the review out quickly, I’m reviewing each story one at a time and then just adding to the post (this will be removed when the last story is reviewed).

First up is Cornwall by James Torrance. For some reason I struggled to get into this story, not sure if it was the story, the content or style. But I finally read the story and it just clicked into place. Briefly; a man who has split from his girlfriend and tries to find peace, he meets up with friends in Cornwall for a week and follow what happens until he returns home.

Next we have Thickly… Settled (He Swallowed The World) by Alex Kimmell. Completely different, this was really weird, in a good way. When two people who have kept themselves to themselves meet by two words (thickly settled) which strangely connects them through their apartment floor. I’m struggling to say what happened, without giving the story away. Beautifully written and I wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.

If you want to find new authors to read, having an anthology (collection) in one book is a really good idea. Definitely recommend getting this book to anyone.

I signed up to receive this book to review, and have not been paid in any other way apart from the free book.

I’m going to keep reading the book and add to this review as I go along!


Divine Beginnings – Book Review

I’m really a fan of fantasy fiction books, so when I found this book I was super pleased. 

Divine Beginnings by R. J. Masters starts like any normal fiction book, but very quickly turns into a fantasy world all of its own. I’ve never read anything like this before, and I was surprised as to how quickly I read it. Not that it was short, but that I couldn’t put it down. 

We meet a young lady working hard, then the mother who she believed to be dead just turns up on her doorstep and she finds out her past and an untold but predicted future awaits her. She’s not prepared for what will happen, nor does she really want it. 

There is a nice mix of faerie and witch magic which is very nice and how a land can so easily be hidden. There is alot of narrative which leads most of the descriptions for your own imagination which made it much better for me personally. 

I really hope the next books in the series come out soon as I need to read them very soon. I will definitely be rereading this as it was so good. I hope you find this as enjoyable as I have. 
Disclaimer: I was sent this book through a blogging site asking for reviews. I’ve not been paid in any other way apart from this free book. 

Robots and Gadgets – a Book Review


My children were sent this book as part of Parragon Books Ltd -Book Buddies. The book can all lovely and wrapped for them to rip open, a nice little touch was the extra roboty stickers that were sent with the book, not that 300 stickers in the book was enough!

Having said that my 8 year old loved reading it to her 4 year old sister, and both merrily added stickers to the pages.

Lots of interesting facts, and stickers to help build up knowledge and understanding. Extra activities none sticker based makes it varied and keeps them occupied.

I would recommend to anybody who like robots, not necessary loves them.

Inspired Colouring, Christmas – A Review

Inspired Colouring – Christmas

I was sent this book via Blind Date with a Book with Parragon Books Ltd. I liked the idea I had no idea what book was going to be sent when I applied this month. So a colouring book was a nice surprise, I do love colouring and have previously bought colouring books for myself.

I do love how Parragon send the books in beautiful packages, purple, with little touches. In the case of this book some handmade wooden colouring pencils.

The front cover was shiny and made it feel special. The pages themselves are wonderfully delicate with the option to be very careful or be bold. For some reason I used my tropical colours for colouring a Christmas colouring book. Still looked fabulous, which I’m pleased about. I haven’t finished the book, so I’ll put it away for next year.

Colouring in bed

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adult colouring books, especially all the lovely Christmassy pictures.

Finding Dory, A Book of the Film – Review

Funding Dory a book of the film

As of yet our family haven’t seen the film (I always wait until its at the kids club). We have seen, many times, Finding Nemo which is a big hit in our house. So it was a great pleasure to be given a chance to read this book.

I let Squidge open the package and she jumped up and down with excitement (mind you she gets excited by most books, she’s a bookworm), and proceeded to read the book straight away.

Its nice that for people who have seen Finding Nemo, and starts before Nemo was lost. We meet Dory’s parents but are not sure how Dory gets lost, but she is looking for them, looking for something when she meets Marlin and starts on the journey looking for Nemo. The story skips to when the three of them are back home and life is moving along nicely. One day Dory starts remembering snippets of her past and is a little confused about she can remember. A journey across the ocean to find Dory’s parents began….

Half way through the book there are pages of pictures taken from the film whichs gives a break from reading and also a nice touch to the book. My daughter loves reading it, and has started to read it to her little sister, so they both can enjoy the book. This book you will want to read and read again (I’m hooked on it, I’ll be reading whilst the girls are at school).

Photo pages

I was sent this book to read and review as part of Parragon Book Buddies, other than a free book I have not been paid for this review. All the words and thoughts are all mine.

Geek Parenting (book review)



9781594748707 Geek ParentingI was sent this book to review from the publisher. I read the book so I can give my own opinions on the book.

It’s nice to read a somewhat different book on parenting, picking examples from all sorts of fictional characters, some you will know and other not (in my case I have never read nor seen Game of Thrones!). I’m not sure if “cherry picking” the best parenting examples was intentional or just the way it was.

with everything that has been going on recently for me, been able to pick up the book for maybe five minutes and read just a bit and that section I finished was really handy. Each chapter is split into two page family examples, each focused on a different family and a situation where they came together. It made me rethink what I thought of my favourite characters, which is a good thing (I think).

The authors have worked really hard to give a narrative of the family situation and pick out the parenting bits to help us as parents deal better with our own children be it, others have been in the same/similar situation and come out the other side or show us another way to deal with our own problems. There are a lot of different families to read and you can either skim to the ones you want to read, read the whole (like me), or jump around to what suits you best. It’s not a “story” book nor a “advice” book, but something I find unique and very interesting. One thing is for certain, I’m definitely going to read the others that are in this series.

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