World Book Day 2017

I don’t think it’s escaped anybody that today is World Book Day. I love you very the concept of books, getting a new book, sharing your favourite book. But, dressing up – no! And a World Book Day voucher to get a free book. 

I’m not one for wasting money on fancy dress costumes, or dress up days. So with the school setting a theme – picture books, what do you do. Bob was dressed as a jackdaw, black shies, blackish socks, black legging, black t-shirt and a piece of black fabric to resemble wings. Squidge had an old Cinderella costume. 

Now comes the choosing of their free book. Unfortunately the school in their wisdom frog-marched them to the local shops to exchange said voucher. Bob is too young so hopefully will get to choose with her (fingers crossed). Squidge asked for the Jacqueline Wilson book, but I’ve been informed they are all coming home with David Walliams book. I wonder how she’ll like that. 


Lylia Rose wish list

I first came across Lylia Rose on Twitter after someone else had retweeted some of her links, it got intreged and so I took a look. On the website I found lot and lots of things I wanted, but with funds low, I’ve had to pick a few things to show you. Your style may well, and probably is, different to mine. So here is my beginners wishlist, enjoy.

I seem to have a thing about earrings, I just love them. I am a little picky, I don’t like hoop style ones, I don’t mind dangling earrings or studs. With my pickiness in check I have found more earrings that I need to add to my collection silver birds, silver feather, and silver owls.

I love the colours on this Handbag and although its brightly coloured I do think it will go with lots of different outfits.

Orange colour block satchel £29.99

Scarves feature high on my wish list, never really thought how to wear them, but after seeing some peoples ideas I think I do now. Moon and Stars is my favourite one followed by butterflies and this floral print. There are plenty of different scarves (two pages of them) to choose from, you can have as many as you like.

I have seen dresses on here as well but with my lack of liking dresses, there will not be any on my wish list currently. My tummy is too big and my breasts are too big, I don’t like anything without either a shoulder covering or a thick shoulder strap. But when I do lose my weight, which I am currently working on, then I will be adding dresses to my wish list.

Lylia Rose ships to the UK via Royal Mail. Most orders received by 2pm are dispatched same day.

Please note, there is a minimum order amount of £4.99

2nd Class FREE · 1st Class £1.50 · Signed For £4.50 · Special £7.00

(taken from website)

All the picture are from Lylia Rose website, and this wishlist is part of a competition. I’ve not been paid for my views and there are all my own words and picture choice.

Have a look at her website Lylia Rose and see what you can find.

Updated Oct 2017

The Summer Holidays


The summer holidays are now here (well Squidge breaks off today at 15:15). We have six weeks to plan, occupy and hopefully make it alive by the time the new term starts in September.

We have our main week long holiday at the end of August, that way the girls all have something to look forward to, and help plan what we are doing. To save money I plan to go to the cinema when its the kids club, so with sneaking snacks and drinks in, it will cost about £5 for three of us. We are also planning on coin. The Summer Reading Challenge, so trips to the library for new books and craft activities with spend some time away from the house. Might also treat them to a happy meal or picnic whilst out. Bobs’ local playgroup is ruining though the holidays and I can take Squidge, but of the price goes up with no adult free drink then that will have to be a miss. During the year (mostly the holidays) we will be hunting moths. Hull is celebrating Amy Johnson’s flight to Australia and have a year long festival with activities and A Moth For Amy trail mostly around Hull and East Yorkshire, with a few around the country. Out of the 59 moths to be found we will miss two, we will be 12 miles from one but just too far with no car (its just outside of London).

A Moth For Amy – To build a house…

I had wonderful, maybe wishful plans for my blog and how it was going to run. But with a small child still at home (she doesn’t go to nursery) things haven’t gone as planned. Bob starts school in September, so I will spend the first four months planning, practicing a new routine. When January and the new year I should be in a better position to schedule blog, twest and Facebook posts, so everything will hopefully run smoothly. I want to get some house jobs done in this time, some major cleaning, then I can settle into a nice cleaning routine with a diary to plan holidays and jobs so I now want needs doing. I don’t use one now so I forget which bed needs flipping or turning and don’t bother.


Calm After the Storm

My free tea haul, love Twinings tea

What can I say? I’ve left writing this post until today because after the whirlwind of last week I needed time to catch-up. It all started with a perfectly normal week. Squidge went to school on the Monday and she was looking forward to sports day and her school trip later that week.

Squidge at school sports day 2016

Squidge did really well considering she’s not very sporty, her skills are more academic. She did manage to come second in one of the events which shocked me, but I’m pleased that she enjoyed the morning events. Unfortunately whilst this was all happening a number of children were becoming sick, by Wednesday at least 100 children and staff had become ill. We decided that we should take Squidge out of school and hope she isn’t I’ll (she missed it). The school say that they call Public Health England, probably a parent, and measures were put into place to help prevent to spread of infection. More children became ill at school on the Thursday. Then on Friday and Monday the school was closed for teacher training. Everyone has had time to recover and most of the children had returned back to school by Tuesday (no teachers strike at our school). For poor Squidge her school trip was cancelled either due to lack of children or potential of children sick whilst on the trip. The plan is to rearrange for later this term.

Strawberries hand picked by Squidge and Bob 2016

With the weather much improved we went strawberry picking. One of our family favourites summer activities. We have got ourselves into a pattern food first then picking. But we were early due to promise of rain and the food wasn’t ready. Two punnets later, and we got homemade jam, scones and cheesecake (£1 each for the cakes). All very happy and still eating the strawberries. Going to have to freeze some, maybe as Greek yogurt strawberry icecream.

I was fortunate that a complaint to Twinings tea resulted in my getting £10 worth of vouchers. I have happily spent most of them on a small collection of nice tea. With the remaining vouchers to be spent on more breakfast tea.

An Interesting Week

A Lego anchor

I’ve not written anything on my blog for sometime. Motivation or lack of it has been key. I find it a hassle to get my old laptop out, wait an age whilst it loads, wait again whilst it sorts its self out. So as an experiment I’m writing this on my tablet. Just posted a review from my tablet which I’m relatively happy with. So onwards with my blogging, happier days. In September when Bob starts school getting the laptop out and sorting my blog out will not be a problem, I can still sit comfortably on the sofa to do the bulk of the work on the tablet and just trying up on the laptop.

Poor Squidge’s elbow

As for what’s been happening since I last posted. Squidge has been doing sports activities at school. Mini oylimpics which meant a coach ride to another school, I’m not sure if she won, lost, or anything else! All I do know is that once back from the mini oylimpics she fell over just outside the school gates. She has a really bad scrape along her elbow. The school cleaned it and put a plaster on. When she got home I needed to change her plaster as it had bleed though. By Friday another plaster change and it was still leaking, not bleeding, and on Sunday another plaster change. It has stopped leaking but still needed covering to prevent infection.

Strawberry plants with a baby shoot

Our strawberry plants have started to fruit, and we have picked our first three fruits another three were very nearly ready, so we can eat them tonight after school. I have already prepared two pots for shoots which hopefully will produce new plants, and it looks like there is a third one nearly ready to pot up. Once roots grow on the shoot, you can cut the plant from the parent plant, and you have more strawberry plants. The only problem is no strawberries from baby plant next year as you need to let them grow. My plan is to grow more plants so I can have a full row of them in tubs along my fence.

On a funny/not funny note, I found a Lego anchor attached to the inside of my washing machine. The sticky out part of the anchor had attached itself to the holes of the drum. So with all the tumbling inside whilst washing it was firmly stuck inside. Five minutes of pulling this way and that it came out. Next time Lego bits go missing or other toys, check washing before it goes into the machine!

nakd Strawberries and Cream – a review


OK, I have been seeing nakd all over the place and decided it was about time I tried them for myself. I picked strawberries and cream as I like strawberries, a simple reason to buy them. Only when I get home and read the ingredients – no strawberries.

So what do they have in them, well the packet says dates, cashews, raisins, rice flour and natural flavourings. Nowhere does it say what the natural flavourings are. It does say they are wheat, dairy and gluten free and that they are one of your five a day.

I suppose you now what to know what they are like! I guessed they where going to be little brown balls as that’s what the packaging showed. They are chewy with a mild nutty texture which I rather liked. You can taste the date but not so much the strawberry flavour. You could easily close your eyes and believe you were eating strawberries and cream sweets.

Over all very nice and will happily buy more of these and would love to try the other varieties.


Laundry Wars


I have a system which makes my life easier. A wonderful laundry bag, it has three separate compartments. One for Whites – which I use for more general light coloured clothes, or I would end up with a basket of socks! The second part is for Darks – which I use as it says! Finally there is one called Coloured – which I use for reds, purples, pinks and oranges. Jeans and Hubbies work clothes go behind as I wash those separately.

Now, I have managed to train both my girls into working out where their dirty washing goes, taken me some time, and occasionally they do get it wrong. But my Hubby hasn’t a clue. I have repeatedly informed him of how it works. But this morning after seeing the bottom of all three parts of the laundry basket, he puts everything in. I’m not happy.

So de decides that jeans go in darks and a greeny/grey t-shirt goes into coloured! All I can say is he did manage to put his work clothes in the correct place.

Luckily my baskets were empty, but I use this time to wash bedding and towels. I don’t have a tumble dryer, never have had one, so I have to use a clothes dryer. I can hang so much on it before it becomes overcrowded. As I didn’t buy it, it’s not my fault!

Why cant my Hubby put dirty washing away daily, like he expects the rest of us to do, and secondly; put clothes into the correct basket?

Courgette and Feta Cheese Frittata


After deciding if my eggs were still edible (they were, with a little help from google and twitter), I decided to make a frittata. This serves one.

Ingredients WP_20160513_11_58_29_Pro

  • 2 Medium eggs
  • 1 courgette, grated
  • a large chunk of feta, broken up
  • garlic
  • oil for frying


  • mix the eggs together
  • add grated courgette and feta
  • fry the garlic in the oil
  • add the eggy mixture, mix up and cook gently until cooked at the bottom and a bit firm on top
  • either flip or place under the grill until cooked.
  • eat once cool enough

Now I didn’t cook the garlic first, and in parts the garlic was still raw, not too bad. If you like raw garlic mix in before cooking! I served this with some un-pickled baby beetroot.


Boring Post Alert!


Well nothing much has happened here this last week. Squidge has gone a a geography field trip with school – a highlight for her! Yes I know they are only going into the city centre, but as it’s a school soooo much more exciting! Squidge tried to trick me, her teacher insisted that she should have a new water bottle, the one she uses for school is only for school! I got her a juice carton.

The school garden club has started properly, unfortunately it was only me and my girls, nobody else could be bothered. Having said that now people have seen that two of the planters have been dug over and seeds are in, people have taken interest, so hopefully next week (if it’s not raining) there will be a few more people. As long as the children are supervised I don’t care if the parents don’t do any work. A parent has donated some seeds, along with my Grow Wild seeds it will start to look nice.


I was lucky to go see Jason Donovan this week, no comments if you don’t like him. The music was good and reminded me of when I first liked him, as usual the groupies where there! The only thing that spoilt it for my was hubby. He met his friends beforehand and had a few drinks, me not drinking was fine about this until he tried to dance with me as if we were in a nightclub! I was not very happy. I didn’t fancy drinking for some unknown reason, I was happy with this. In the interval more drinks were got “can I have a Coke” on return, he commented they didn’t have any Tia Maria so handed me a cider, I didn’t ask for Tia Maria! Well after queuing to leave the venue and queuing to leave the car park, I had to drop of two people go home then take my mother-in-law who was babysitting the monkeys. Needless to say I was home at midnight with a poorly foot (I hurt it several weeks ago and still hurts, best see a GP about it).

So that really sums up my week!

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