Week in review

Where Did My Week Go


This week I decided to see where I spent my day. Before I seemed to get nothing done and feel like I should have done loads. Also I want to see if I really do far too much around the house whilst OH goes to work. So simply put I think I do about 95% childcare 95% food preparation 95% household tasks.

Started on Monday morning, OH works Mon and Tue 9:00 till 15:00 with one hour lunch, Wed 10:30 till 14:30 with one hour lunch Thur 13:00 till 16:00 and Fri 9:00 till 12:00, on top of that he should also do 6 hours of preparation per week. Soon he is starting the last module for his degree, never going to use it but both agree its good for him to finish it and for the girls to see their daddy in a funny hat! So what did I do?

7:10 alarm woke us up got out at 7:16
7:16 wake girls up, make cups of tea for two, make breakfast for and the girls, drink tea whilst checking news and doing comps, make OH his lunch, get girls and myself washed and dressed for school, strip my bed and put a load of washing on, then walk to school and get some shopping on way home.
9:10 phone rings – need to sort a delivery for OH out, basic household jobs
9:30 exercise, flake out, shower
10:15 sort dry washing out and hang wet washing, wash up
11:00 write blog post, check competitions and catch-up on twitter and facebook
12:00 lunch
12:30 more comps and a little news
13:00 vacuume bedrooms, landing and stairs, put another load of washing on, empty recycle bins and put dustbins out for collection, another load of washing-up, make bed again
14:00 back to twitter/Facebook/instagram and writing blog posts
15:00 school run
15:30 organise girls post school – snack, change of clothing, check bookbags
17:00 cook tea for two (me and Bob) sandwich for Squidge and eat tea, do homework with both girls
18:30 organise milk (supper)
19:30 attempt bedtime
20:30 me time

Monday – clean bedrooms, landing and stairs
Tuesday – clean kitchen and hallway
Wednesday – day off (catch up day)
Thursday – clean fish x 2 and clean lounge
Friday – bathrooms we have 3
Plus most days 2 loads of washing, washing up, cooking tea, homework

This is like most days including days off from school, the only different there is no rush to get up and get to school, but I still need to “entertain” them all day long. Even at bedtime OH doesn’t help.

OH’s day

7:30 get up breakfast washed and dressed
8:10 goes to work
9:00 – 15:00 work with one hour for lunch
15:30 home, drinks tea I’ve made, plays/looks at news on his phone
18:00 eats tea I’ve cooked for him
20:30 – 22:00 work preparation (including texting friends, reading more news, checking personal emails)
22:00 plays on phone
23:00+ goes to bed

Most days are like this, even his short work days, weekends he stays in bed until nearly 10:00 by which time the girls are bored and we can not go anywhere.

So this is where my days go, don’t feel so bad as it looks like I have really done loads.


December Fun


December brings a whole new set of challenges. How to live with no money, Squidges birthday, Christmas and school activities. I managed to get some toys before I know we weren’t getting any income, the rest was from Tesco Clubcard points whilst they were on a three for two offer. Black friday saw me get the only thing I get my mum for Christmas and that was on offer. I spent some of my birthday money on things for me, luxury everday items – Beanies coffee and Adam & Eco wax melts (I’ve blogged about these before Wax Melts – A Review ) and soon to be adding my coffee review, once I’ve sampled them. I won a tea by post subscription for three months which has arrived (blog to follow).

So the first of December mean advent calendars, this year we have seven (there are four of us) we have our usual refillable chocolate ones, two lego ones (free via clubcard points) and a free one that Squidge got from the opening of the new Next store near us. Squidge is sharing that with Bob. Mum bought us an Elf for Elf on the Shelf, with the book explaining what it does (NO high jinxes, just sits on the shelf, moves around at night).

I’m doing deep cleaning of the house ready for Christmas and it keeps me warm so I dont need to put the heating on, thus saving money.

Rainbow Dash


How we ended up with Rainbow Dash in our house this week, I’ll never fully understand. We didn’t have one, we had two. At the weekend we went to OH friends sisters engagement party. They are gay to the room was decorated with rainbows and balloons and paper fans. The room looked really good. But next to the buffet table there were two Rainbow Dash balloons, I didn’t expect that we would be coming home with them. At the very end of the night we asked, and that is how they found a home in our house, followed by two excited girls when they came home from their sleep-over.

Squidge had a try out for the school tag rugby team. I’m surprised that she wanted to try and secondly that she did so well she made the team. There has been a few training sessions and the last one she fell/push over and a small graze that bleed slightly and a long bruise on the top of her leg. She was walking round with her arm held up as if it was broken.

Bob has been doing really well at school and is ready t move up to her first proper book band – books that have words – I’m really happy that she is enjoying school and my fears that she might not have any friends have been unfounded. She has made lots both boys and girls.

The school are having their annual Halloween disco, and in previous years all the school could attend. They split the school up, younger ones first followed by the older ones. This year after saying to Bob that now she had started school she will be able to go to the discos (one excited Bob). Well we have a new headteachers and she has decided that it is too scary for reception children (haha). Bearing in mind some of reception are already five and some of year 1 children will have only turned five in the last few months – is it not scary for them? Well complaints were made and the school have compromised by letting them get dressed up at school. I feel sorry for the children who don’t like Halloween, but now have to be in school.



With autumn now here, the weather has changed. The wind is blowing, raining at random times. Yesterday whilst on the school run, both in the morning and afternoon I got soaked. Luckily both girls were in school and stayed dry. Unfortunaly putting on a really wet coat back on isn’t pleasant, it had dried out by this morning, only to get wet again. Over the last few years this time of year is always the same. We call it locally Hull fair weather, when the fair is in town the weather changes, it will be alright next week.

Hull fair prizes

Talking about Hull fair, we did our annual pilrimage to the fair. The girls look going on the rides and now Bob is getting older she is going on the rides with her big sister. We love “bash the frog” but so far never won, but so much fun watching as frogs go flying. Also “Hook a duck” is a favourite of ours and with a prize everytime you can’t go wrong. Squidge thought if she went for a big duck you get a big prize. Sorry, look underneath to find the prize size, both got small prizes and Bob was quick at choosing a snake, Squidge was looking at the big prizes – no small – she nearly lost her prize taking too long, she ended up with a snake.

Onto the rides. Teacups first, and both loved getting dizzy. Although Squidge didn’t look like she was enjoying herself, OH thought she was going to be sick. No she just looks like this to try and make herself more dizzy. We also went on the mini “merry-go-round” with buses and cars, they choose the bus as it reminded them of their holidays in London. squidge and OH always go on the Dodgems. If I’d have known that the paper had vouchers for the fair we would have been able to afford another ride, but my Mother-in-Law didn’t think about the vouchers in her paper and the fact we were going to the fair. As always we love fair snack food. I’ve never eaten anything hot from the fair but always get doughnuts and the whips. Not forgetting the brandy snap (mmmmm). Its a nice treat to have these and as the fair is only once a year, we can have fun.

This week saw me change my Twitter info, instead of JellyBabyMom2@JellyBabyMom2 I’m now Vicky@JellyBabyMom2. I feel now is the time that I can say who I am. I wanted to hide and not be seen, but whilst writing this blog and taking part in twitter chats. I want to be seen, I don’t need to hide. Your still not getting a picture of me until I find one that I’m happy with.


Lylia Rose wish list

I first came across Lylia Rose on Twitter after someone else had retweeted some of her links, it got intreged and so I took a look. On the website I found lot and lots of things I wanted, but with funds low, I’ve had to pick a few things to show you. Your style may well, and probably is, different to mine. So here is my beginners wishlist, enjoy.

I seem to have a thing about earrings, I just love them. I am a little picky, I don’t like hoop style ones, I don’t mind dangling earrings or studs. With my pickiness in check I have found more earrings that I need to add to my collection silver birds, silver feather, and silver owls.

I love the colours on this Handbag and although its brightly coloured I do think it will go with lots of different outfits.

Orange colour block satchel £29.99

Scarves feature high on my wish list, never really thought how to wear them, but after seeing some peoples ideas I think I do now. Moon and Stars is my favourite one followed by butterflies and this floral print. There are plenty of different scarves (two pages of them) to choose from, you can have as many as you like.

I have seen dresses on here as well but with my lack of liking dresses, there will not be any on my wish list currently. My tummy is too big and my breasts are too big, I don’t like anything without either a shoulder covering or a thick shoulder strap. But when I do lose my weight, which I am currently working on, then I will be adding dresses to my wish list.

Lylia Rose ships to the UK via Royal Mail. Most orders received by 2pm are dispatched same day.

Please note, there is a minimum order amount of £4.99

2nd Class FREE · 1st Class £1.50 · Signed For £4.50 · Special £7.00

(taken from website)

All the picture are from Lylia Rose website, and this wishlist is part of a competition. I’ve not been paid for my views and there are all my own words and picture choice.

Have a look at her website Lylia Rose and see what you can find.

Updated Oct 2017

A Moth For Amy

A Moth For Amy – Fantastical Flying Machines

After seeing lots of information about Amy Johnson Festival. We decided that as part of our summer holiday activities we would hunt giant decorated moths.

First part of the plan was to either download a map of the moth locations, or simply head to the library to got a paper copy. Once acquired plan a route and set about how many we can do. First day plan, see the one near us, go to Beverley and then the one near the Humber Bridge and finishing off with the West Hull ones. Reality do the ones near us, miss some in Beverley and wonder about looking for the one near the Humber bridge. The Humber bridge one was so far the hardest to find, most were just on the side of buildings or on a plinth easy to see. Oh no not this one, a drive round the business park and we found a path hidden in the corner. A long walk later and we found it. We took a photo of this one and decided that we would go back in the holidays and got photos of the ones we missed.

When home doing more research on the Amy Johnson Festival we found some activities to do during the holiday. So in August we are going real moth hunting in the evening.

It’s A New Week


Squidge has got herself into a bit of trouble with her friends. She wanted to practice her handwriting, so she decided to write to her friends. This sounds all very nice, it was for the first two. The she decided (“couldn’t think of anything to write”) to write a letter that was not very nice. I believe it stems from, one of the classmates, a boy who Squidge hit, now doesn’t want to play with Squidge or Squidge doesn’t want to play with him; and Squidge’s other friend still wants to. Then add to the fact another friend is very clingy and will follow where her friend goes even if that means leaving Squidge out and not really wanting to play with the boy that Squidge will not play with. While this is happening all her other friends are getting into groups to play, and then Squidge is hovering hoping to play with someone.

As it’s Mother’s Day coming up soon I have got back into making my own cards, I’ve kept it simple do to time, Mum rung me up on Friday afternoon to say she was coming round at about 15:00 that afternoon. I also had to write this blog plot on Friday and have it scheduled for later, as I like my weekends to be free to be spent with the family.

WP_20160226_13_39_57_ProI have following Beanies coffee on twitter in the hope of winning some coffee, no luck yet, so in the meantime I went and bought some, the picture is meant to be Irish Coffee, I will have to review them (adds to long list of reviews wanting to write).

I have also been sent a book to review, which as yet has not been published, it is a nice read, but later will have a proper good read of it. Hubby saw the book, and scoffed at both the title and when he peeped inside. It’s Sci-fi based and he hates Sci-fi, so he is not going to like it, so don’t pick on me for liking it.

It’s World Book Day soon, and we need to buy a costume for Squidge, was hoping to find something nice, not Disney or superhero’s. Why do shops think that is what children should wear for World BOOK Day. Think we are going for either The Cat in the Hat, or Where’s Wally the female version. Problem is that they both have long sleeves, Squidge hates sleeves. Last year we cheated, needed a costume for a fundraising day at the school, o we got her Snow White, we could then use this same costume for World Book Day.


This is a small tin of spaghetti shapes with sausages, as you can see I think they forgot the pasta shapes, there was also about 100ml of very runny sauce. I attempted to contact the company via their website with no look. I searched for the parent company, and bingo their website lets me complain. sent lots of pictures to them to look into, so lets see if they can send me something very nice as a sorry.

That’s all folks for this week, have fun reading and I will see if I can get some of those reviews I want to write up.



Another Week Gone By


What a week. It was half term last week and Squidge was off school. It’s nice to have her at home, not just because we don’t have to rush about in the morning, but also the fun things we can get up to. Unfortunately this week both Bob and Squidge were full of colds, and for the first half of the week we did nothing. When I mean nothing, I mean it. It was pj day everyday until Thursday, when both were much brighter, and I needed some shopping. Getting wrapped up for the walk to the shops is fine, and a McDonalds lunch always goes down well. Friday finally we went to the cinema to watch The Good Dinosaur at Cineworld, which handily is a walk away for us. I always take our own sweets and drinks in with us to save us some money (also on the longer holidays we can go more often).

Now it was Valentines day last weekend. I bought a card, is I knew I didn’t have time or energy to make one. I was ill, full of cold. I also bought a chocolate orange for him. I like to get the girls something as Valentines day isn’t just about couples, it’s about love, I LOVE my daughters to bits. They got a little key ring each, one was a Ladybird the other a bee. I also bought myself a small box of chocolates. My husband eat the chocolate orange that day as he didn’t have any other chocolate in the house, and didn’t open the card till mid week sometime, then chucked it into his draw. Did I get anything? No, he said he was planning to get it on Friday but calmed he was too ill! He didn’t even go to his mums house that Sunday, leaving me to do it, claiming again too ill.

Currently I’m finding things that need doing so that I don’t get time to clear out the lounge cupboard, really don’t want to do it. It’s really large and it’s more an under stairs cupboard. So big you can walk into it and round a corner. It holds most of the girls toys and my craft stuff and a filling cabinet. So I really want to move things around so we can get at things better. When we first moved in, we were planning  to put a desk in there so we could use it like an office.

Bits and Bobs


Its been a funny week. My husband went out for a drink at his friends house, on the way home he tripped over some stones on an unfinished path. He was laying in bed with his foot elevated on a extra large money tin! Anyway he decided late Saturday afternoon he wanted it checking out at the local minor injuries department, the nurse wasn’t 100% sure if he hadn’t broken it so a trip to A & E was needed, right before tea. Had to go to McDonalds for tea. This is when the rest of us are trying to save money😢


I have been trying to do the tenner a Week Challenge, was doing really well not spending money (apart from the McDonalds run). I decided not to include my husband in the challenge as he seems to do what he wants, if I say no Costa, he will go anyway. So buget is for one adult at home all day, one pre-schooler who is at home all day and finally one primary school age (7) . Friday was a no spend day. Saturday was just a McDonalds trip £9.50. Sunday was again a no spend day. Monday needed milk and I had a 50p voucher to spend, so spend was £6.15. Tuesday was going on the bus to the library, but Bob was too cold and it was rainy, no library trip, zero spend day again. Wednesday we walked to the shops, needed food shopping, birthday party present and toilet training treats. I got a few yellow sticker treats which was eaten/frozen. I thought I did really well on the challenge, next time I’ll try harder, but think I might choose the week that I do it!

I have been rather lucky this week I received a box of pink lady apples following a twitter giveaway, on Friday I baked with my apples. Honey-dried apple crisps which tasted nice, I would rather have a nice fresh apple. I was also lucky enough to win another competition from Hamper gift box I’ve had a look around the site and it looks very reasonably priced.

on a sad note my youngest Bob (3) fell over on Friday morning, she has hurt her knee and cut a hole in her trousers, I can repair them. I contacted the landlord about the anti-slip pavement, and commented that serveral other children have slipped on this wonderful path!

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