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Weight Loss Journey 01/05/2017

A little late this week, put I haven’t been in the mood to write. 

Well first week after the Easter holidays and lots of household activities stopped me from exercising. And along with not really trying to do much health wise I’m very please with my weight. It has remained at 74.9kg. 

This week I’m busy with school plays shopping for Bob’s birthday parties she has got this month, and all the things that didn’t happen last week. Exercising this week is not going to happen. I did try on Tuesday, not not for the rest of the week. 

I am managing to eat my 5 a day which is good, fruit, salad and veggies throughout the day helps. But evening schools plays are making evening meals for me a pain this week. 

All I can say it better luck next week. 


Weight Loss Journey – 24/04/17

After having the virus that makes you cough for weeks, and the Easter holidays. I’m carrying on with losing weight. I have many plans that need doing this week, so opted not to exercise. 

I must eat my five a day and look at non junk food lunches. Lunches are hard as I don’t want to cook, but as this will be my main meal I should choose wisely. 

So my new weight is now 74.9kg. I am happy with this weight, but now it’s forward as I’ve a wedding to attend in July and I want my mum tum gone. Wish me luck. 

Weight Loss Journey 20/03

I’ve not weighed myself today, I already feel like I’ve put weight on again. Motivation to exercise when tired is hard and choosing the right food to eat adds to the problem. I know I shouldn’t blame anybody but myself, but when you have an ill child who wakes in the night coughing, or wakes early coughing  and and is ready to play. Plus OH not letting get to bed until gone 23:00 (I like to be in bed before 22:30) its all taking its toll on me. 

I’ve not had much if any fruit or veg all week and with been tried I’ve got a sore throat and don’t want to do anything. 

Plan – buy cheap fruit and veg, and eat it, find dried fruit to snack on. Search internet for healthy snacks (not daft under 100 calorie style) that are simple to make and are tasty. 

My biggest problem is I use food for comfort, it does make me feel good when I eat it and also after for quite some time, just got to cut the junk and enjoy proper quality food rather than quantity. I can eat just a small amount of quality dark chocolate, just a couple of squares. 

Weight Loss Journey – 13/3

As I’m hit and miss with the posting of my journey to lose weight, a weekly count does not work so from now on they will be dated. 

So what happened last week, I walked to my GP appointment which is nearly an hour away, then walked back. It unfortunately took well over an hour to get back. I packed a bottle of well diluted juice (enough to take the water taste away) and a small packet of crisps. On Sunday due to circumstances beyond my control I had nothing to eat from breakfast until teatime, I was hungry by then and probably eat too many oven cooked chips. This morning my tummy feels wrong so not exercising today. 

My plan of no snacks went out the window due to money stress and I’ve put some weight back on 73.9kg, must stay a bit more focused this week. 

Weight Loss Journey 

Well the exercising is going OK, I’ve increased my time to 16 minutes and it’s not too bad. I still find it boring, but next week we get lightstream so I can watch something on the pad which hopefully will help. 

Eating is going OK so far, I’ve not eaten too many snacks or drank much alcohol as I didn’t fancy it. Need to look at filling foods – soups with homemade bread, no butter. 

I’ve lost some more weight, not much but some is better than none. I now weight 73.2kg.

Plan increase exercise time, no snacks. Lunches are mainly my main meals as the girls have them at school, so soup instead of sandwiches? 

Weight Loss Journey – Post Half-Term

I had visions that the last two weeks would have gone pear-shaped. School holidays and the pervious week I was poorly, this meant no exercising or watching what I was eating. Some how I lost weight and now weigh a pleasing 73.6kg.

So where does that leave me? I suppose the constant watch of the OH helped and no money to refill the snack cupboard stopped me. The best part was my scummy teas from tea tourist (look for my reviews on the blog) which kept me going. I was hungry most days during the holidays, which is where the tea came in handy. 

First day back after the half term holidays and I visited Costa Coffee for hot chocolate (next time I’ll ask for a skinny) and to use the free Wi-Fi and this afternoon I’m eating Crisps. I restarted exercising and was surprised how easy it was only did 14 minutes as didn’t want to push it, aiming for 16 minutes tomorrow and try to push 18 by the end of the week. 

Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

Another week has gone by, but this week sees an increase in my weight. I’m now 75.1kg that’s not too bad. I had Chinese with trimmings and Mother-in-Law feed me large puddings. She cooked two as Bob is fussy with her puds (she will eat jelly) so I feel bad for wasting food when we are there.

I had increased my exercise biking to 14 mins last week, but today struggled so keeping it at 14 mins also this week.

I’m getting fed up with food so I think that didn’t help either. I need filling tasty lunches and not plain boring sandwiches/salads. I also can’t be bothered with long cooking times so the quick fatty foods always win. Crisps this week have been increased so looking at thinking about do I want them and finding alternatives, possibly oat cakes – plain.

My drinks are good, pleanty of tea and coffee with just a dash of milk or in some cases black. I do enjoy the odd glass of wine, but this is an odd glass. Then weeks with no wine at all, so I dont want to give wine (alcohol) a miss.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 2

Well another successful week and more weight lost. New weight is 74.6kg. Plus the exercising is still happening, last week was 12 minuets and this week is 14 mins each session. In a few weeks I might look at adding toning exercising into my routine, upper body as my current exercise is biking.

I am really pleased my snacking is reducing or been replaced by other healthier foods. And I’m doing household jobs to stop the daytime snack boredom which is helping.

My meals last week were not very good, but things needed eating up in the freezer. This week the girls school are doing world food week, which means more family cooked teas. This can be a problem as I do more chip based meals, but not this week – potatoes instead of chips.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

After a week of eating I think to excess, and feeling down right miserable, I restarted exercising. I don’t get excited by exercising nor do I feel better after doing it. I hate exercising. But saying that last week I did do five sessions each 10 minutes long, this week I’m increasing the time, not sure how long for yet.

I’m also looking at my junk food intake and stopping all daytime snacks, mainly because I’ve eaten them all and I’m not buying any more! But also if I’m not snacking I might finally lose some weight.

Somehow this week I now weigh 74.9kg not sure how that happened, but I’m happy for the loss. Onwards and downwards.

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