Weight Loss Journey 

Well the exercising is going OK, I’ve increased my time to 16 minutes and it’s not too bad. I still find it boring, but next week we get lightstream so I can watch something on the pad which hopefully will help. 

Eating is going OK so far, I’ve not eaten too many snacks or drank much alcohol as I didn’t fancy it. Need to look at filling foods – soups with homemade bread, no butter. 

I’ve lost some more weight, not much but some is better than none. I now weight 73.2kg.

Plan increase exercise time, no snacks. Lunches are mainly my main meals as the girls have them at school, so soup instead of sandwiches? 

World Book Day 2017

I don’t think it’s escaped anybody that today is World Book Day. I love you very the concept of books, getting a new book, sharing your favourite book. But, dressing up – no! And a World Book Day voucher to get a free book. 

I’m not one for wasting money on fancy dress costumes, or dress up days. So with the school setting a theme – picture books, what do you do. Bob was dressed as a jackdaw, black shies, blackish socks, black legging, black t-shirt and a piece of black fabric to resemble wings. Squidge had an old Cinderella costume. 

Now comes the choosing of their free book. Unfortunately the school in their wisdom frog-marched them to the local shops to exchange said voucher. Bob is too young so hopefully will get to choose with her (fingers crossed). Squidge asked for the Jacqueline Wilson book, but I’ve been informed they are all coming home with David Walliams book. I wonder how she’ll like that. 

Weight Loss Journey – Post Half-Term

I had visions that the last two weeks would have gone pear-shaped. School holidays and the pervious week I was poorly, this meant no exercising or watching what I was eating. Some how I lost weight and now weigh a pleasing 73.6kg.

So where does that leave me? I suppose the constant watch of the OH helped and no money to refill the snack cupboard stopped me. The best part was my scummy teas from tea tourist (look for my reviews on the blog) which kept me going. I was hungry most days during the holidays, which is where the tea came in handy. 

First day back after the half term holidays and I visited Costa Coffee for hot chocolate (next time I’ll ask for a skinny) and to use the free Wi-Fi and this afternoon I’m eating Crisps. I restarted exercising and was surprised how easy it was only did 14 minutes as didn’t want to push it, aiming for 16 minutes tomorrow and try to push 18 by the end of the week. 

Where Did My Week Go


This week I decided to see where I spent my day. Before I seemed to get nothing done and feel like I should have done loads. Also I want to see if I really do far too much around the house whilst OH goes to work. So simply put I think I do about 95% childcare 95% food preparation 95% household tasks.

Started on Monday morning, OH works Mon and Tue 9:00 till 15:00 with one hour lunch, Wed 10:30 till 14:30 with one hour lunch Thur 13:00 till 16:00 and Fri 9:00 till 12:00, on top of that he should also do 6 hours of preparation per week. Soon he is starting the last module for his degree, never going to use it but both agree its good for him to finish it and for the girls to see their daddy in a funny hat! So what did I do?

7:10 alarm woke us up got out at 7:16
7:16 wake girls up, make cups of tea for two, make breakfast for and the girls, drink tea whilst checking news and doing comps, make OH his lunch, get girls and myself washed and dressed for school, strip my bed and put a load of washing on, then walk to school and get some shopping on way home.
9:10 phone rings – need to sort a delivery for OH out, basic household jobs
9:30 exercise, flake out, shower
10:15 sort dry washing out and hang wet washing, wash up
11:00 write blog post, check competitions and catch-up on twitter and facebook
12:00 lunch
12:30 more comps and a little news
13:00 vacuume bedrooms, landing and stairs, put another load of washing on, empty recycle bins and put dustbins out for collection, another load of washing-up, make bed again
14:00 back to twitter/Facebook/instagram and writing blog posts
15:00 school run
15:30 organise girls post school – snack, change of clothing, check bookbags
17:00 cook tea for two (me and Bob) sandwich for Squidge and eat tea, do homework with both girls
18:30 organise milk (supper)
19:30 attempt bedtime
20:30 me time

Monday – clean bedrooms, landing and stairs
Tuesday – clean kitchen and hallway
Wednesday – day off (catch up day)
Thursday – clean fish x 2 and clean lounge
Friday – bathrooms we have 3
Plus most days 2 loads of washing, washing up, cooking tea, homework

This is like most days including days off from school, the only different there is no rush to get up and get to school, but I still need to “entertain” them all day long. Even at bedtime OH doesn’t help.

OH’s day

7:30 get up breakfast washed and dressed
8:10 goes to work
9:00 – 15:00 work with one hour for lunch
15:30 home, drinks tea I’ve made, plays/looks at news on his phone
18:00 eats tea I’ve cooked for him
20:30 – 22:00 work preparation (including texting friends, reading more news, checking personal emails)
22:00 plays on phone
23:00+ goes to bed

Most days are like this, even his short work days, weekends he stays in bed until nearly 10:00 by which time the girls are bored and we can not go anywhere.

So this is where my days go, don’t feel so bad as it looks like I have really done loads.

Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription – Review

Decembers box selection

Well here is another Teatourist monthly box review. I won the November launch box and reviewed that (Tea Tourist Review), but for some reason I believed I have won three month subcription, I hadn’t it was just one box. Anyway I contacted a little confused and they were really nice and had a leftover box and let me have Decembers box. So as a thank you to Tea Tourist im reviewing another box for them.

Tea no.1. Marzipan Rooibos by Hoogly tea

A nice simple rooibos tea with mazipan. Not much more to add. Normally tea tourist do loose leaf but this is already in bags not the paper bags. Now i have to worn you, when you open the packet the marzipan hits you, very nice warm feeling comes over you, and as you drink the marzipan stays with you.

Tea no.2 Gingerbread Chai by TUGBOAT

This is another rooibos tea, a lot different with ginger and cinnamon, I’m not a fan of ginger so I added honey like it suggests. The honey adds a nice twist which really compliments the tea.

Tea no.3 Shiraore Green by mono cha

This is a twig and leaf tea, smells really fresh and as its says on the instuction card “grassy” I’ll agree with that. Tea tourist recommend drinking with cake or just on its own. It is really nice and smooth to drink which is relaxing

Tea no.4 Citrus Ginger by LULIN TEAS

Another ginger team again I added the honey. It has plenty of different citus flavours orange and lemon zest as well as lemongrass. Personally not liking this one, but the honey makes it bareable to drink.

Tea no.5 Winter Spice by chash Tea

This tea smells like winter with all the different flavours and ingredients in the tea. There is apple, rosehip, lime blossom, elderberries, sage leaf and a few others. With tgis been a December (Christmas) box “drink with mince pies or add a cheeky tipple”


Tea no.6 Scotch Acorns by Nothing But Tea

Plenty of different ingredients in this tea, even a little whisky and plenty of nuts. The smell when you open the packet is sweet and heavenly, the tea itself looks good enough to eat without making it into tea to drink. Recommended as an after dinner drink and with the whisky I can see why.

This month sees a mixed bag of new teas I love and some that I hate. Yes I did use hate when talking about tea, but I really don’t like ginger. For me ginger spoils things.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

Another week has gone by, but this week sees an increase in my weight. I’m now 75.1kg that’s not too bad. I had Chinese with trimmings and Mother-in-Law feed me large puddings. She cooked two as Bob is fussy with her puds (she will eat jelly) so I feel bad for wasting food when we are there.

I had increased my exercise biking to 14 mins last week, but today struggled so keeping it at 14 mins also this week.

I’m getting fed up with food so I think that didn’t help either. I need filling tasty lunches and not plain boring sandwiches/salads. I also can’t be bothered with long cooking times so the quick fatty foods always win. Crisps this week have been increased so looking at thinking about do I want them and finding alternatives, possibly oat cakes – plain.

My drinks are good, pleanty of tea and coffee with just a dash of milk or in some cases black. I do enjoy the odd glass of wine, but this is an odd glass. Then weeks with no wine at all, so I dont want to give wine (alcohol) a miss.

A Nice Little Week


I wanted to write more often but internet reduction and getting frustrated with the website losing my courser point. I found an alternative way, write on the tablets word document them copy and paste it onto my blog. All I need to do then it add pictures, links and make sure it looks right. So having said that I’m seeing how things go, this is post two, the first was a stupidly long tea review post. But that went really well and so I continue.

Now what has been happening – not much, its far too cold to do anything or go anywhere. The weekend before last we got to see more City of Culture events, the Hull Blade and the Bowhead Whale exhibition at the Maritine museum. They are both staying for a few more weeks so if you are “passing” by Hull, please take a look. Some people will say the Blade isnt art, they are correct, but it is culture. It is what we do, we used to be really big into fishing. So City of Culture is here to stay and with lots to look forward to, I’m looking forward to exciting times learning about our past, present and our future.

This week far too cold. The girls had a pj day on Saturday and played with all their toys. Squidge is still refusing to tidy her bedroom and OH has given her a last chance clean by 3pm on Saturday or toys get binned. She still hasnt made much effort in tidying, she has also stopped doing her homework (or doing it so poorly, might well as not done it). Bob is moving up another book band at school so with still half the year to go she is on the top book band for her class. The school decided in their wisdom that they would be spilt by ages, Bob is in the youngest class, as she is born in April.

This week also sees me finding some random energy surge to get the house organised. I deep cleaned my washing machine, never done it in two years. I always found reasons not to do it. My Mother-in-Law gave us some washer machine cleaner mid last year, i had taken it out of the packaging to read the instructions, but it looked like too much faff. I’m super pleased, it gleams. OK the draw needs more work, but if done every 3-6 months it will be fine. I also half cleaned the oven, if I keep half cleaning it every week (only took a couple of minuets) then it will be squeaky clean one day.

My exercising is going well but post exercise rituals not so well. I want to shower/bath after exercising but the house is cold and don’t want to shower. Next week I increase my time ago to showers will be a must, I don’t want to be sweaty all day. Talking about rituals I wanted to start washing my face before bed, not working yet. I have got all the cleansing oils and masks plus the different creams I need, so it’s motivation to get on and do it.

With the weather getting really cold, I finally got the bird table out and filled it with seeds and nuts. We have had some birds already, but I’m hoping for more. I do enjoy watching the birds in my garden. So hopefully more different birds will come.

I hope you all have a lovely week.

Tea Tourist Monthly Subscription – A Review

A teatourist box

I won a competition for a box of tea from Teatourist. This may sound rather silly until you find out its for a monthly subscription box which contains six very different teas, which change every month. I won the launch box for the company Tea Tourist back in November, but with things as they were I did get to drink them, but not review. So here goes.

Tea Tourist searches out six different teas for every month and send them out in letter sized boxes (fits though most letter boxes if postie tries, mine didn’t, but I was in). Every month there will be new teas to try. Each sample bag is resealable with a little card telling you what’s in the tea, how to brew it, how to serve it and if the tea can be rebrewed (great for stingy people). Also each sample will make about three or four standard sizes cups/mugs of tea. As all are loose leaf (or stems and other things) I would recommend a tea strainer or similar items to stop the tea leafs from your mug.

Tea no.1 Orange Blossom (oolong) by Easy Teasy
This is sold as a breakfast/morning tea “best served with morning toast and butter” well I was told and its very nice. The orange peel and orange flavouring comes through really nicely not overpowering. This type can be rebrewed 3 or even 4 times.

Tea no.2 Malawi Peony by Baraka Teas
I was I little confused when I saw this, it just looked like plant leaves, but open to new things into the pot they went. Unfortunately this point the next day I had d&v, first thought was the tea, but no the whole family came down with d&v. The next time no problems. Its recommended that you serve this with chocolate or fruity deserts, very nice.

Tea no.3 Japanse Kukicha by Shibui Tea
Another strange tea for me, this one is made from branches and stems of the plant, I suppose somewhere somebody tried it and must have tastes nice (and was safe to drink). Well its a green tea that’s been roasted, its very nice with not much information – drink as it is! So I did just that.

Japanese Kukicha tea

Tea no.4 Peppermint Tea by Cheshire Tea
A reply nice cool peppermint tea, if you like peppermint this takes it up a notch. The company import this from Washington State USA. With not much to add I’ll move to the next tea.

Tea no.5 Tummy Rub by Tea Box
I had no idea what to expect from this one, and was surprised, in a nice way. It contains peppermint, liquorice, chamomile and fennel. All the different flavours come though to make one extremely moreish tea. I one I would like to be having a little more often.

Tea no.6 Yoga Tea by T-tox Tea
This is a white tea and aimed at when you can drink it in a relaxed state. I love the rose petals which make the dry tea really pretty. But for me personally the ginger and nettle didn’t do it for me. Pleasing to drink but not on my to drink again list.

Having tried all this months teas I know what I would buy again. Tea Tourist costs £14.95 per month and currently they have an offer of 10% off your first box and offer rolling subscriptions which can be paused or stopped at anytime, the boxes will be shipped on or around the 20th of each month.

Weight Loss Journey – Week 2

Well another successful week and more weight lost. New weight is 74.6kg. Plus the exercising is still happening, last week was 12 minuets and this week is 14 mins each session. In a few weeks I might look at adding toning exercising into my routine, upper body as my current exercise is biking.

I am really pleased my snacking is reducing or been replaced by other healthier foods. And I’m doing household jobs to stop the daytime snack boredom which is helping.

My meals last week were not very good, but things needed eating up in the freezer. This week the girls school are doing world food week, which means more family cooked teas. This can be a problem as I do more chip based meals, but not this week – potatoes instead of chips.

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